lexus is300 engine?

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Does the is300 have the 2jz non turbo supra motor in ti just curious?

posted by  mx3_monster

Yes. It's the non twin turbo 2jz-ge.

I cant point out the exact years but the SC300's had them too, and possibly the GS300 (Although very unsure about that).

Many people who have pretty modified SC300's have the 2jz-gte swapped in, some judt setup the twins or a single themselves.

posted by  thunderbird1100

From what i hear, it is the non TT 2JZ, but i heard its slightly modified and you can't just put a TT setup in it and expect Supra performance levels. 80% of the modded IS300's around here uses Superchargers instead. I have no idea why, but thats what i see.

posted by  aerith

They use stock 2JZ-GTE heads, though.

posted by  Godlaus

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