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First off my uncle has two old toyota corollas in his garage and he is about to scrap the both of them because its and eye sore and he needs space for his new SUV. I asked him if i can get them, but he said that he would only give me 1. I still need to check if the engine runs which i pray it works because its been sitting there not going anywere for over 10 years under cover
this is what they LOOK like, they got some rust but it just needs to be sanded out, its not too bad
1971 or 1973 toyota corolla coupe
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/3/web/483000-483999/483202_1.jp g
1975 or 1976(not sure) toyota corolla 4 door
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/5/web/617000-617999/617756_12.j pg
plans for the car
-power steering conversion
-swap out rear end from a sprinter
-coil over suspension(rear) conversion
-fix a/c(its hot here)
-repair rust damage
-paint super super(the darkest!) black
-bucket seats
-upholstry(cant spell)
-change carpet to something else
i plan on droppin in a DOHC engine later on but i need suggestions i wanna build a extremely fast car

me being a filipino i would first make it look nice before performance cus its cool but also because im still young, im looking for chicks still and they dont wanna get into a rolling garbage bin(you know what i mean)
ive been saving cash for a while to buy myself a used ride cus i just drive around with a barebone scooter and i borrow my moms car time to time but ya

im gonna need suggestions from you guys out there and second opinions, so please share information

i want to use this car for drag racing and they have mountain pass racing here once in a while so i need a car that can drift and corner well so i will need a suggestion for the suspension setup
thanks you guys

posted by  machspeed

I like your idea it'll be a fun project with great results. Personally i'd pick the coupe. GOOD LUCK!

posted by  95civicdima

Double that! But only make sure that your budget can match your interests. While I by far from a specialist, I know that something like this will require quite a good amount of money and many times we see projects get half-done because of that.

Good luck, keep us posted!

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Needs a V8.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Everything needs a V8 doesnt it? Why stop with a V8, V8's have horrible power for their displacement; go for a V10 or V12, thats where's the action's at.

I think you should transplant a 20 valve AE101 in, you will probaly need to do a couple engine bay modifications but its all worth it in the end. But the problem is the whole suspension, transmission setup has to be changed. A car that old, its not exactly the easiest thing to drop an engine in.

posted by  aerith

SR20 are good engines for this type of thing, you should consider one of them. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I think you should go for the coupe too. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

well im doing the body work and some of the interior, ill leave it to someone to do the conversions cus i got no idea

i like the coupe aswell, but i dunno cus its soo hard to decide, part of me likes the coupe and the other part likes the 4 door cus its a 4 door

as for the engine, i think i would go with a 2Tg or a 18Rg or a 3Tg cus all are DOHC engines that toyota made throughout the 70's, im gonna ask my dad 4 help, maybe we would build a hybrid engine(mix of different engine parts)
i just love these cars cus their engines are soo easy to work with and conversions are no prob and it wont cost too much cus im just gonna get most of the parts from the junk yard and labor charges here are dirt cheap but i think i would need to sell a few things but oh well

posted by  machspeed

I guess you like restoring cars eh? I would rather build a sleeper. A old ass Toyota Corolla putting down 270+ horsepower, and 200+ ft. lb. of torque is quite impressive.

posted by  aerith

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