homemade flame thrower kit(how?) dont flame me for this, pls?

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i heard somewere that if you connect a spark plug to the tip of your muffler and connect the spark plug to a battery it would cause flames to come out?
im not sure can someone help?
dont flame im just young and curious
i dont wanna buy cus its expensive and takes too long to arrive
i think its would be cool to do this to my dad's off road truck so that we go camping, we can have roasted weenies :orglaugh: and smores haha
but the real reason is that we need extra lighting going through the trail, its muddy and its also dark out in the middle of nowere, and it i might as well do this cus its cooler haha
but it would be cool
thanks for helping
flame if you want i guess

plus im thinking of working on an old corolla coupe that my uncle is giving to me if i want it or else it will be scrapped, i think its a 71 but anyways im thinking of getting a conversion done to change the leaf springs to coil overs but it would take to long to find parts, can a leap springed car handle well like drift and drive through mountain roads? i heard about a panhard bar it does something to the leap springs, i think it causes it to sway or stop turning like a boat, not sure but is it a good idea to convert to coil over suspension or stay with leap spring?
and the steering of this car is still non power steering, so i wanna get it converted to power steering, i want the wheels to spring back straight when i turn the wheel, how is that done, i cant ask my dad cus he is out of the country and has no time to contact me
thanks for the help

posted by  machspeed

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard, I'm pretty sure the gasses that come out of your engine aren't flamable.

posted by  jedimario

Yeah I second that. The only gases that come out are waste products of combustion, like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. I doubt they can catch fire. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

Run rich.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Well actually the flames don't come out ALL the time, pretty much only when you sit there a rev the engine and it shoots raw fuel out the exhaust. Not the best idea for lighting in a wooded area though I would think.

posted by  car_crazy89

I see ads for exhaust flame throwers all of the time...they go for $120...but if you don't want to buy one, find out how to make a flamethrower, and make an extra pipe...

As for leaf springs...I believe that the Corvette C6 has them, and it handles pretty nice :hi: :hi:

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posted by  chris_knows

There is such a device. My auto teacher has it on his GT350 (rich bastard). There is a switch he presses under the dash to spark the spark plug in both exhaust pipes, then he revs up and it sends gas down the tube, and flames shoot out. Its freaking sweet. He said one of his students came up with it years ago, patented the idea, and now sells em. Those ads you see are probably for the same system.

posted by  Vlad

For real?? man the things people will do these days. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

No joke. I was standing a good 2-3 car lenghts behind the car and I could feel the heat blasts everytime he shot the flames out.

posted by  Vlad

I'm not sure if its legal or not, but when you go in for emission tests im not sure if they will call it on you; i would rather not take the chance. Plus, its just plain chessy. What car do you have? Does it still look cool flaming out of a Toyota Echo? (i'm not saying that you own one) I'm just saying it doesn't look good on all cars.

posted by  aerith

Its possible to use this stuff to get some flame but you run the risk of lighting your exhaust system on fire and you may backfire A LOT! A prime example is the blue Mustang episode of PMR. I think its legal and halfway safe and if you want to run some risks and spend some $$$, i say go for it. personally, i wouldnt do it.

posted by  sandlercd_22

Wannabe antilaggers :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

Yes, it does not go with all cars, particularly an echo.

I myself drive a prelude, and I don't have a flamethrower.

I was saying my teacher had it on his GT350, and I think it goes well with that car.

posted by  Vlad

Yeah, it fits a muscle car like that very well. I like the GT350, but i love the GT500, i know people think that the E version is just a sham, but i like the looks of it.

posted by  aerith

I have a 1998 eagle talon TSi AWD TuRBO/Honda Eg Hatch.. I Plugged a spark plug in the back of the muffler one wire to a switch the other to a solid 12v. Wen you are at a high RPM TRIGGER THE SWITCH and enjoy the fireworks..!!

posted by  Krazie215

Call me crazy but if flammable things are coming out of your tailpipe your engine isn't running correctly. There are kits that shoot gas out to make flames, and racecars often backfire, but I'm pretty sure that if you can ignite your exhaust you need a tune. As somebody said, you might be running rich.

posted by  giant016

dumbass lol

posted by  99integra

Mission accomplished. Then I doubled it again lol.

Then I look back at this (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=20343) thread, and then this (http://car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=21464) one. :laughing:

OMG I was averaging like 1000 posts a month then :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

like others have said, it takes stomping the gas to get a flame thrower workin by just puttin a spark plug in the gas.
if you would like to be able to throw a little (1-8 foot) flame, anytime you want to, run a propane set up. set the spark plug and the energy source up the same exact way, but instead of using the throttle to start it, you use a switch attached to the dash. i use 16 ga. wire all the way around on every car and truck ive done. to make things easier set the propane up with a sylinoid that is also activated by the same switch, and you will be good to go anytime you feel like. just flip the switch and watch the heads turn.
best way, is if you have a truck, run 6 inch stacks, or whichever you prefer, you will get a louder rumble, and MUCH larger flames.

posted by  fordman53

The first three or so comments, people you dont know what the hell your talking about. nitrogen is extremly flamable depending on what its mixed with. Every car from the 92 era and up has whats called a "re-burn" or "back burn" system inside the car, which takes unburned fuel and sends it back through the motor. Also proven by nitro drag cars, alchohol races and nascar... etc...
Secondly and i mean this when i say it, this might be a really cool idea if its being a show car... or just a young kid messing with his car... I own an 82 chevy k20 with a flame kit if your looking to do this yourself your gonna need alot more than what you think. If you look on Ebay or even check fourms online there are cheep sketch kits or there are name brand kits, i went with a Holley kit, the same Holley that sells carbs, intakes, etc... it was $137.68 before shipping i say that cuz shipping could change depending on where you buy it. Do Not try to make your own its too time consuming and expensive. the only part i had to buy was an extra coil cuz im running duel exhaust.

ChevyTruckDealer   19 Mar 2012 00:32

I have a 53 olds and I installed my own on it. It's actually very easy n safe (if you know what your doing).

Cashdad   29 Dec 2012 15:57

i have a 97 isuzu hombre push button start, shaved doors, suicide hood, flowmaster exhaust, working on lambo doors six inch stacks and the flaming exhaust. my friend has a homemade one on his dodge and it is bad@$$

isuzuhombre   11 Jan 2013 04:20

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