what should i do to my 1990 300zx?

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Hi, me 1990 Nissan 300zx is all stock except for a sterio system. What do you think i should do next, something pretty cheap to make more power.

posted by  Kris

On a budget of...?

Start with a new exhaust, and then CAI :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

If it's N/A, save up for a VG30DETT swap.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hey, well this is my first car. I should of put some more information about it. It is a naturaly aspirated (non-turbo) automatic t tops if it matters. yeah i would like to save up for a new engine but that means around 3,000 with a manual transmission. I got this car for 2200 dollars. It is in great condition sounds cheap price for it and it is but it is great condition. just has some cracks on teh front lip. the engine runs very smooth has great compression most of its miles is highway miles. actual mileage is 94,000 miles so this car is in good condition. I dont want to change out a whole engine and transmission since i will be paying more for the engine and transmission more than what i payed for the car. i mean i know that il get the performance but i am not old enough to be able to supply enough money to put a new engine and tranny in my car. I dont need a big bloost of performance. I am talking about things like exaust or cool air intake a chip. Something like that, or if there is any cool things i can add to the interior like soem cool music gadget or computer thing. You knwo what im talking abotu jsut soemthing to make my car not stock anymore, make it a little more enjoyable than it alredy is. I will take some pics of it tomarrow you guys can chek it out. Thanks for whoever read all of this.

posted by  Kris

I must tell you that car with that few miles for 2200 is a steal. I would love to get the deal you did. Here is what I would do.
Exhaust (dual about 3")
Tint windows
Use your imagination. Go to a Nissan Specific forum and ask arouns

posted by  newyorker

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