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I just had a thought... I wouldn't touch a new car. I truly do not think that I would want a new car, not even if it was given to me for free. The new car designs, I believe, are horrible. Older cars are the best. I would get a 95 civic but not a 2004 of any kind. I would get a 96 Eclipse but have you seen the Eclipse Concept car? Ya. I was just wondering if the design of cars is getting worse. The only car I would get is a Mitsu Lancer EVO VIII. Is there something wrong with me? :screwy:

posted by  SilverCivicSi98

Other than the fact that you directly contradicted yourself ("I wouldn't touch a new car... not even if it was given to me for free", "The only car I would get is a Mitsu Lancer EVO VIII") you are stating an opinion but presenting it as fact ("Older cars are the best").

I've known too many people who said that exact same thing throughout my life. I'll bet in ten years you'll be saying the same thing, except you'll be extolling the virtues of cars made back in 2004.

posted by  vwhobo

I agree to an extent although only when talking about classics..I would much rather buy a brand new car than one that's 6 or 7 yrs old because the design is often alot better when speaking of the difference between cars of that age and new cars :2cents:

posted by  Cliffy

In one word "YES"

posted by  lectroid

I think every year there is something i dislike about a new car, but then also something I like.

This year I might not like the new GTO. But I LOVVVVVE The ford GT!

posted by  Integra_LS

Okay I realized this is the asian car forum... Another example...

I don't like the new eclipses at all, while I like the 1996 and below, but I disliked the 92-97 preludes, while I like the 98's and above(except for those damn headlights)

posted by  Integra_LS

how about a new merc SL over the old ones? a new VW passat or an older one? a newer skoda or an old one?? how about ford escorts? would you prefer an '88 vette or a brand new Z06? i think the point has been made.. some new cars are not as aesthetically pleasing as the older ones, however there are alot of cars out there that are improving alot with each and every new relese of a model...

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

agreed. you can even look at the 03 to 05 vette...thats SO much better after only a few changes. IMO, of course. i've never been a fan of the new Viper - i prefer the older one.

posted by  SuperJew

also the new GT, the shelby cobra and the new F-150 to name but a few american cars. look at the new TVR's, they are the most gorgeous cars i have ever seen.. hmmmmmmmmmmm TVR...uuuggghhhh :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Yeah. We all know how horrible having something like these would be...[/img]

But even among more normal cars, there are good looking vehicles on the market. The Mazda 6 is rather attractive, especially in blue. There are more. I really like the Mini Cooper S, too.

True, I'm building an old car, because I like it, and can do what I want with it for far less money than a new car, but that doesn't mean I don't like new cars, too. And to be honest, even basic new cars are better at being [i]cars than most classics are (as far as gettiong you around comfortably, reliably, economically, etc).

posted by  ChrisV

Links are red 'x'd.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hmmm. Not from here. I'll see what I can do...

They are the new Aston DB9, the new Bentley GT, and the M3 CSL...

And of course, in a thought related to another thread, the design of modern cars, when it comes to everything BUT the styling, is considerably better than older cars, no matter how much we love older cars... Crumple zones, stiffness, etc, are all better than before.

posted by  ChrisV

i couldn't agree more and this is exactly why i don't run out and buy a '69 stingray in black tomorrow.. i love the shape as much as i love the TVR Typhoon and thats alot, trust me. its just that the Z06 in no short terms is a better car. its safer, quieter and more (ugh) "practical", and yet it has lost little of its charm... oh, and goes like sh!t off a shovel..he he he.. :2cents:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

for me it really depends on what you intend on doing with the car, if you intend on moding the car quite a bit (taking a 240 and pushing 400+hp) in my expierence its better to go with an older model, yes things may break time to time but all and all its better than having a new 35k car with out a waranty due to your modifications.

however if you just want a good fast car to drive there are plenty of new ones /w warranties that just beg to be driven (Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru STI, Honda S2000...) :2cents:

posted by  BlackIce

I agree with the fact that some of the new car desgins are getting uglier. And the Lancer and Eclipse are perfect examples. Basically what they did to the back of them which made them look worser. Although I am not a fan of either car it sucks what they have done to them.

posted by  DJ Nonsense

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