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alright, i have a 94 honda accord LX. and i was wondering about adding intake and all. ill probably do it after i get the minor stuff fixed but i was curious to learn about intakes...

first off. i heard if you have one, u wont pass smog test?

is it easy to install? what tools are nessary? should i get it proffesionaly done?

what brands? my budge is pretty LOW, in fact i might not get one for a while but i wanted to know some stuff... i heard AEM is good. but there like 150 a peice. wut about the ones on ebay? i kno ebay is u get what u pay for. but isnt intake just a pipe with a filter?

what are the chances of water being sucked in? i live in CALI so it doesnt rain that bad..

short ram/ cold air. whats the difference??

lastly, is it really worth it? how much hp/torque gain can i get? will it help my engine to last longer? better gas milege? or is it just for the sound?


posted by  desii

i got short ram becauce i was scared of rain, I spent 100 for everything i got it installed for 25 bucks i watched my mechanic do it and its really not hard at all :thumbs:

posted by  ToshoRcing

i got a short ram also costed me $43 including shipping off of ebay works as good as any other one. I wouldn't worry too much about getting water sucked uo into it if there is standing water dont drive through it or just go really slow :thumbs: but ebay is your best bet for an intake cheap and they work just as good as a 200 dollar one, you will get a little better gas mileage but not by much maybe a couple of horsepower and quite a bit of sound.
It will pass the emissions test and it should pass the smog don't see why it wouldn't since it is not polluting anything!!!!

posted by  mx3_monster

thanks for the info.. so is the difference between short ram and cold air intake just the size of the tube thats it??
do you guys think it would be worth it though? its a 94 accord AT with 128k miles? lol idk im still deciding!

posted by  desii

it will breathe a lot better, if you do get it go pick up some water wetter goes in your cooloant and cools engine down by 10-15degrees yeah i would buy one for your car if i were you but then again im not

posted by  mx3_monster

but does adding a CAI void yur warranty, not including cases of hydrolock, or shock or whatever its called? And about how much is the average gain of a cai?
o and about emissions, my car is like ulev, which is ultra low emissions or something, but does it actually pollute in any way? I thought all it did was add extra, cold, air into the engine???

posted by  shaka zulu

im guessing thats all it does. just add cold air which in effect causes more gas to burn in the engine? (correct me if im wrong, dont know much)

also, what do HEADERS do??

immma look into getting short ram i think..

posted by  desii

Ram intakes are more for torque gains, CAI are more for might get 5-7....if you're lucky.

No, they will not void your warranty, it is a modification that should not harm your engine, or a permanent alteration.

IF it hydrolocks, then you are pooched. A water bypass valve will prevent that.

The intake should not increase pollution, if it does, it is by a very minimal amount.

posted by  dodgerforlife

no the one of the only ways you can void your warranty is if something you put in your car causes it to break. for instance if you put a cold air intake on my car with no bypass valve and it got hyrdrolocked then yes it would void the warranty but the modifications can only be bolt on. No it should not pollute it, the cold airs do get about around 4-6 extra HP the sri's only get maybe between 2-4 they sound a lot nicer and they are easier to maintain to stop the little bit of hot air that MAY get into your sri you can get a shield that goes around it that protects it

posted by  mx3_monster

bolt the headers on and it makes it easier for the engine to push out the exhaust gas bigger header(s) equals more air out so you get more power

posted by  mx3_monster

is the horse power gain noticable? As in will i feel more power, and is there a sound that comes from the CAI?

posted by  shaka zulu

nope, but a few other simple upgrades and it will be noticeable.

in some cases you can hear the air going into the CAI....well, not so much that as the engine more ;)

posted by  dodgerforlife

Ram won't do zip. It's snake oil.

Your intake pipe should be about 8 diameters from the throttle body and the same diameter as the throttle body. If you use a pod you should make sure it tapers and flutes out to a least twice the pipe area and preferably have rolled edges.

Of course if this means the pod ends up in a hot air stream you are going to need to extend it to a cooler location or put shields or bonnet scoop in.

posted by  Wally

ehhhhh, I've heard that you can get very minimal torque gains from it, like 2-3ft-lbs if your lucky ;)

posted by  dodgerforlife


You can do it yourself in minutes

Go with ebay if you want to. They work perfectly fine.

Only if you go through puddles with a CAI will this happen

Short ram is shorter, allowing air to pass through if faster. CAI is moved away from the engine so it gets cooler air

If your modding a car, you should always start with intake, exhaust, and header(s). With a CAI, its possible to see up to 10 hp gain. No. Barely. What sound?

posted by  PontiacFan27

It won't do zip. OK I'll concede if the intake moves to a position where the air is colder and more dense you might get some gains, but as far as air ramming into the pipe forget it as a performance enhancer.

I've posted the physics before, so you can look it up yourself. But at 100kph the stagnation pressure is about 0.07psi. Compare that as a percentage of upto the one atmosphere the engine drops and you get a whopping 0.48% increase in density. Then take away the couple of bends you introduce and you actually go into deficit.

posted by  Wally

You do get more sound...or atleast i did. After i put my ram air intake into my 96 accord my engine sounded louder b/c i had a larger more open pipe from which the sound to come from. its not like it creates it own sound but it makes the engine sound a bit louder.

Also when i hit high rpms mine vibrates a bit (duh i know that its going to do that) But it like it sounds like its hitting something but there is nothing near it cept for my subs power cable. Do any of you other accord users with a ram air have that problem?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

i had another question (not intake realated but didnt want to make a new thread) whats the difference between a Convex and FLAT rear view mirror? which one is stock on cars? which is better. im thinking of getting a boardway aftermarket one for my car on the net but i cant tell the difference.. also what size is reasonable. dont want to end up getting one thats HUGE, or one thats the same size as my stock one which would totaly kil the fact of getting one. i was thinking 270 or 280MM


posted by  desii

Like everyone it :banghead:

I looked and in less than 2 minutes i had both of these:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Convex means to bow ******ds, like so ). Flat means flat \.

EDIT: Why is o u t w a r bleeped?

posted by  PontiacFan27

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