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I've been working on a friends 1992 Nissan Stanza...I just replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets because they were leaking. It's making a weird knocking/clicking noise now and I took off the valve cover to figure out what it was. I closed the hood because it got dark and I plan on working on it tomorrow. Any idea what it could be? Lifters?

posted by  fallenrebel16

Hmmm... It makes a funny noise AFTER you worked on it. Seeing as it doesn't have lifters, and apparently it wasn't making the noise BEFORE you worked on it, maybe you should check to see what you did incorrectly.

posted by  vwhobo

First things first.

The 1990-92 stanza KA24E engine DOES have lifters contrary to what you were just told. If you would remove the valve cover and look at the bottom side of the rocker arms sitting on top of the camshaft you will see small hydraulic lifters the reside up inside the rocker arms.
OK now for your question.
First you need to verify that you actually have a valve train noise and not an exhaust leak such as a cracked mainifold or a broken manifold stud either of which can cause a valve train type noise.
Once determined that you have a valve train noise you will need to look at the driver's side of the engine just above the distributor and you will find a 3/4" hose attatched to the valve cover and remove it from the valve cover.
Look inside the metal tube and you should see what looks like a small wire brush, use a good pair of pliers and pull it out (it will be tight). check for excessive build up of old sludged up oil, if found cleaned with solvent.
Next remove the oil cap and using compressed air (if available) blow low volume of air through the metal tube. "air should flow without any restriction.
If compressed air is not available then attatch a clean hose and attempt blowing through the hose. Again no restriction is what you want.
If there is restriction you will need to remove the valve cover and clean out the passage. Looking inside the valve cover all you will see is a flat plate- you will need to clean from the outside at the metal tube using solvent and some type of round wire brush until there is no restriction.

Hope this is helpful for you.

posted by  gawlevi

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posted by  vwhobo

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