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Hey, i was wondering if it is somehow possible to make a 1990 300zx naturally aspirated sound like a american muscle car? or at least like a subaru wrx sti? Is there some kind of exause that can make my car sound like that?

posted by  Kris

The sti has a turbo and the American Muscle Car's have V8's... so I would say prolly not... should have just waited and got a 5.0 like me :-p

posted by  Pythias

You should be able to get the sound you want with a bit of head modification, fueling and an exhaust system.

Have a listen to the Ford EL six on this site to give you an idea:

exhaust sounds (

posted by  Wally

messing around with exhaust and intake is youre best bet. I believe its a v6 right? that means your still egtting a healthy bit of hp, whihc means more air in and out, which means with the right int/ext you can get a great rumble

try and make it a cat back quad exhaust, makes good noise from my experience with my dads car's

posted by  ride3k

Just put a little ghetto blaster in the engine bay, and have it make rumbling noises :laughing:

It's all in the exhaust though, seriously...I hope we're not referring to fart cans :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

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