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Ok guys, i have a 93 3000GT SL and i have a list of things i want to do to it. First off, this is my first car, and it isnt in the best of shape(about 40k miles ago it needed a new tranny, and then 30k miles later, it needed a new one again, a common problem with 100k+ 3kGT's) and the previous owner was not very knowledgeable of cars. Many less key parts are broken, and this is livable, but adds to the to-do-list.

Ok, on tio the actual question, the biggest thing i want to do to this is add a turbo and see what i can do about gettign rid of my annoying A/T. I dont know a ton about this, but i think it can be done. I havent seen any turbo's for the 3.0L engine i got, but i thought maybe guys here knew anything about a underground place i could it from? and also about it being even possible to switch out my A/T for a manual.

Also, if anyone in the san diego area knows any good mitsu or just import garages, i would be glad to know of them. =P

posted by  ride3k

Surely given the amount of work you wanna do on the car, it would be cheaper to buy an already turbo┬┤d model :wink2:

posted by  Cliffy

lol, i thought the same, but my dad said i would have to wait till i go to college (2yrs) and im just itching to work

posted by  ride3k

just try to save your money and then piece a turbo kit together piece by pice :2cents:

posted by  mx3_monster

Try this:

Turbo (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/3000gt-15g-or-13c-turbo-turbos-turbocharger _W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33742QQitemZ8022680861QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW)< br />
You could change the tranny...but it would be cheaper to just buy a turbo 3000GT for the price of both of those things...

posted by  chris_knows

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