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Hey guys chek out my new car. Not new but new to me lol

Nice car....pitty it's displayed in a site that's clearly yours and shows most things apart from the car :thumbs:

posted by  Kris

cool hope ya like it
ya could have washed it b4 puttin up pics tho

posted by  windman

not bad, that's a car i'd likely get as a 2nd car (if i ever had the money), though in manual form.

i'm guessing it's N/A, or is it the turbo version?

posted by  pik_d

She's sexy, but it couldn't hurt to wash her :wink2:

Also, can you take some engine pics? :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

Nice looking car, alittle dirty but it gives it character. What happened to the front though?

posted by  car_crazy89

N/A? and where are the dash dials? like A/c and all that fun stuff? is it like on the steering column? lol, ive never seen the indise of a 300ZX before

posted by  ride3k

uhhhh.....Could not see cause cliffy went edit happy, could ou post up pics on this site?

posted by  Zalight

Why was the link removed? :banghead: . I wanted to see the car

posted by  newyorker

Edit stupid would be a more correct description.

For those of us who saw the pics of his car, I have a quick question, your response is important. Did the link that he provided look like a commercial web site that he was trying to make money from or did it look like pictures of him and his car? Please answer honestly and openly. Thanks.

posted by  vwhobo

Well honestly I didn't really look at the whole site, I just scrolled down. I don't think it was advertising though, as it looked to be a few of his car and the rest of them were him and his friends 'having a good time'.

posted by  car_crazy89

Haha...I have been advertising alot sorta latley, by posting up the vids of some of the RSW guys :roll:

posted by  Zalight

Same here with Peter, I saw the pictures of his car and his friends, but I scrolled through pretty quickly, and I didn't notice any advertisements...

posted by  chris_knows

Hey guys, sorry about the link. It was my Xanga site, i didint think that it was advertising of any kind. Well anyways ill just take the pics again and host them and then put them here not linked to any site. I will make a new thread about this in like an hour sorry for whatever i did wrong. Happy holidays!

posted by  Kris

It wasn't... The only problem is the person who removed the links isn't used to independent thought of any kind.

posted by  vwhobo

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