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Hi, ok i got the images hosted and i dont think they should get taen off this time. Well anyways here is my 1990 300ZX (i believe Fairlady-Z). This is the naturally aspirated automatic. I got it for $2,200 at 94,000 miles. It runs very well great compression, very smooth runnign engine. There is no real mods except for a muffler which does not really do anything to power, a upgraded airfilter also does not help really, and a nice radio. I am trying to put in 2 amplifiers and a subwoofer and in a wek or so im going to buy new speakers and then move on to the engine. Well here are the pics, enjoy! To who asped about the front bumper, when i got this car there was lots of snow and while i was driving home and entered my alley the car was a little too low and kinda dove nose first into snow and ice and cracked it.

posted by  Kris

Still nice...still haven't cleaned her I see :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

GET HER CLEAN. Shes no fairlady if shes dirty. And is it me or is the hood a bit faded compared to the other parts of the car? A wash inside and out followed my detailing wouldnt hurt at all. She would look 10 times better. Other than that I want to congratulate you. I always liked 300ZXs, but could never convince my parents to let me get a car thats RWD, because of the whole snow thing.

posted by  newyorker

1. They shouldn't have been taken off the first time. Ignorant, trigger happy moderator you know.

2. You should have washed it and taken new pics. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

For two days, then all the snow, slush and nastiness on the Chicogo roads in winter would have it looking like that again.

I gotta wash things regularly here due to all the salt and they still look like crap after a few miles this time of year.

posted by  ChrisV

So you wash it again. With warm water as I was told. Its not that big of a deal to soak it with some warmness.
I know what oyu mean about the salt. It rained here and washed all the crap right off of my car thank g-d

posted by  newyorker

yeh it looked much better before then snow came and it ruind it. Its been wayy to cold to wash her here. Just yestorday it was 5* F! I wanted to give her a wash but if i want to to stay not frozen to the car i think ill wash it when i gets to maybey like at least 25F, or a carwash. Ill get it clean guys hehe thanks for the comments! Also does anyone know where the spark plugs are in the 300zx? i cant seem to fund them but i also havent taken anything apart yet. Also if anyone knows i have a little thing here when i give throttle from a complete stop the rpms drop to about 450PRM from about 700RPM and it comes close to dying and then it reves up like normal. It just kills me to hear her stuggle from a stop? My airfilter is pretty dusy i ordered a K&N cool air intake to fix the air filterproblem. but about the rpm i am kinda blank on what it can be. If it matters i always fill her up with BP ultimate fuel, from what i hear its the cleanest, strongest, and it will keep your engine running longer. But the 300zx is required to run on premium fuel anyways so im just making a step higher by using BP. Thanks!

posted by  Kris

Where do you live again? It's simply not practical to wash the car on an hourly basis...

Can't wait until the salt is gone. That's the only thing I hate about winters here. Back home we didn't use salt.

posted by  ChrisV

Needs more manual

posted by  PontiacFan27

Go to your local auto parts store..they can tell you and tell you the proper parts. If you want to really be cheap i know walmart has those little computer things at thier spark plug section...atleast you can get what size it is, but not have to buy it there

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

well it's not a pleasure standing outside in negative wind chill weather and washing ur car. Especially when u know that the next day it will look like crap again.

posted by  V-Tec

you need to do some front end work on that thing...

posted by  Stem

the rev problem is either your throttle body(where your air intake hose attaches, i think thats what its called)Idle control valve, or the dusty air filter. For the throttle body, get sum cleaner and a friend, have him sit in the car and rev the engine and spray the cleaner in there, make ure to take your intae tubing off.

posted by  ride3k

+eleventy bajillion

posted by  Zalight

Nice. Could use a short trip to the car wash. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

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