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Hello everyone, how are we doing today? Good i hope, well on to the subject. Ok so today i was going through my Fairlady-Z and i noticed that my radio doesent work because the antena isint conected. So i took out the radio and i look and theres like 100 wires I did the smart thing and just put it back right away before i blew up the car or something like that. My speakers arent too good either i have cheked em out and they have tears in the cones. And the only thing i have that is upgraded is the radio part of the sterio system. What i was wondering is what can i do to improve this, what are my options. I was thinking of things by Audiobahn. What do you think about their sound systems? I was looking at their amplifiers and speakers on ebay and the speakers are pretty straight foreward plug and play. But the amplifiers they have so many things that have to be connected and all that, i think its better to take it to a shop or liek a best buy and have them put it on for me, or do you think i would eventually get it working. About amps what do you recomend and what do some of hese thigns mean like when they say 4 channel amp? does that mean i can plug in four speakers? Would i need another amp for a subwoffer and a seprate amp for the smaller speakers? I am not looking for a decked out sound system that has like 1000 watts. I am just looking for something that is decent like 300 watt or at least 100-200 watts stronger than the stock system. I just want to get a nice boom out of it since i have to turn up my music all the way since i have a aftermarket muffler in my car. I would like to put a whole exaust on it but the sound system is first on my list and with this temperature outside and in my garage id rather to wait the bigger things off a little bit. so let me know what stuff on amps mean and what should i look for in buying a sound system, and also where can i get it done unless the instructions will give me enough information on how to do this. Thanks a lot!

posted by  Kris

Go to your local shop and get a new system. My friend got one installed
new speakers
amp for the sub
amp for the speakers
installed was 950

posted by  newyorker

I would recommend getting Alpine, Pioneer or Rockford Fosgate (from best to worst). Audiobahn may seem like it sounds good...but if you've ever heard Alpine before then the Audiobahn sounds like shit. The best sub out there is probably the Type-X made by alpine but it is like $500 a pop. If you go for Rockford don't settle below a P2 for a sub otherwise it will suck - P3 is much better if you can get it

As far as Amplifiers go, go for the same brands as subs. They have proven themselves in the industry. If you want a cheap mediocore one then go for a higher-end Sony. Even though Alpine(I think) and Legacy are the same company do not be fooled into thinking it is the same product. I could easily blow out a Legacy sub with my 300W RMS amp but I could not do that to an Alpine.

posted by  Golddragoner

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