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Whats up guys, i was just driving my car and i noticed that the the temp was really high anyway i get out and there is antifreeze leaking from the radiator. So i was wondering what are your thoughts on what new radiator to buy and if it would be easy to change by myself.

Thx, ToshoRcing

car is a Civic EX 98

posted by  ToshoRcing

hey, i had this problem and i fixed it myself in like 15 mins. My radiatorwas plastic and aluminum. I luckily knew exactly where the hole was. what i did was i got some high streinght glue for like 6 bucks and i took a peice of aluminum and bent it to fit the shape that i needed and then i put glue under it and let the 2 peices glue togehter. Then i put more glue on top of that and let it sit for 2 days so it has dryed as well as it gets. After that it never gave me problems again. The glue did not crack or melt off due to the heat and its been cheaper than replacing the radiator and all that. You should try that before you change the radiator all together. Just in case put a galln or 2 of water in your trunk just in case it doesent work and your drivign and your temps go up you can fill up the radiator with some water at least to cool it all down.

posted by  Kris

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