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I am not farmiliar with turbos because im an n/a guy, but i think i want to make the switch over. well the main question is, well i dont know how to put it out but ive been hearing about like... T5 and T28 turbos and crap like that. im like wtf are you talking about :tard: , can any one explain to me the diffrence between all the diff turbos. im a tard when it comes to turbos. thanks in advance

posted by  NizmoFreak

Those are names for different turbos which vary by size and such.

posted by  PontiacFan27

^^ thanks but would you happen to know what the specific sizes are?

posted by  NizmoFreak

Here's a pretty good list of currently available Garrett/AiResearch turbochargers. This site is actually really good, a lot of compressor maps, which are generally kind of difficult to find (quick Google search).


Quick overview of IHI:


A dabbling of IHI, KKK (3K-Warner), Mitsubishi, etc.:


posted by  Bino

Thanks man i appreciate it :wink2:

posted by  NizmoFreak

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