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Alright i just got a 1990 Lexus es250 with a dead engine, it was my sisters old car but she gave it to me to tinker with because it has a dead engine so I figured it would be a fun project car. I was looking at different engines and i was wondering if anyone knew if i could put a Toyota Supra engine in it. A 1jz gte engine is a 2.5L engine as is the Lexus. Can i perform this swap? i was also wondering if it would be possible to put the full size 3.0L 2jz gte engine in there. Any input on this will help me out thanks

posted by  linkinpark7436

Given that they're both Toyota branded cars, and both RWD (and use straight six layout I believe) I cant see a problem, although I've never tried it so I could be wrong lol :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

the es250 was a front wheel drive, and had a 2.5L V6. from what ive heard (on the internet, which is right about everything ever [sarcasm, incase you couldn't tell]), you'd have to turn the engine sidways to get a FWD engine to fit a RWD car, and vice versa (assuming all parties are front engined native).

posted by  pik_d

Yeah, the ES250 is a glorified Toyota Camry. FWD, transverse engine. Not an easy swap at all. But, with enough $$$ anything's possible.

posted by  Bino

:ohcrap: Well, ya learn something new every day lol. It would be too much hardship to put a RWD layout engine on a FWD....Infact I´m not even sure it´s possible.....just cheaper to scrap it really lol

posted by  Cliffy

hey...thanks for all the help guys its really i know...ill just scrap it than...thanks again

posted by  linkinpark7436

Yea FWD wise...I mean you could still drop in the current V6 which makes around 200 hp which is not bad.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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