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What is Japan's muscle or highest performance car? What is Japan's Corvette? GTO? Cobra? post/debate! I am gonna say the skyline probably, since that get's all the hype, along with the supra? I am just curious.....and trying to start an interesting post/debate!


posted by  Anohaakten

my personal favourite jap car would be any of the mitsubishi evo range...

posted by  Mk3golfer

I would say for you to talk about Japan's muscle cars you need to have a V8 period. 4 cylinder's w/turbo and 6 cylinder's w/twin's or rotary's w/twin's are nice and all...but muscle to me means V8.

Present day and now...I would say the Infiniti M45 is a muscle car in the sense that it has a pretty big V8 and is RWD. Yes, it's a luxury car but Japan really doesnt make 2 seater V8 coupe's.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I'd say the supra would be considered a japanese "muscle" car, but japs usually like to build cars that rev.

posted by  GreekWarrior

what about the nizzan 350z... its a jap car with an american engine! muscle car but only because of the engine!

posted by  Mk3golfer

If you wanted to get liberal...I would say the only Muscle Cars out of Japan are the Supra and Skyline. Both of them have made over 1300whp so I think that's saying something. Of course that's not stock internals...but...it's really the fastest motors and cars out there.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Datsun 240Z is what I considered the Japanese muscle car.

posted by  fudge

Datsun and Nissan Z's...Supras...all heavy and "muscly".

posted by  Mathew

Foreign muscle cars?? It is hard to find many V8s in hybrids. :thumbs:

posted by  ChromeDome

Nah the 240z didnt have anything to do w/muscle. It had 150 hp and was made really in the image of the Jaguar E-Type. A good looking car w/decent power (for it's time) that could handle and was affordable.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

muscle isnt about horsepower, its about the sound, that low gurgling rumble from a v8 that sacres all the little children, not the high whiny noise from a trubo 4. i think alot of the twined v6's are the closest to a jap muscle car, the fairlady (that was a v6 right, cant recall exactly), and the insanely heavy vr4 3kgt (not jus cuase its my car, but it dosent have that whiny noise most tt's have, it sounds more like a car)

if a car sounds like an r/c car when it hits 1kWHP, no way in hell should it ever be considered msucle

posted by  ride3k

I personally love the sound of a whiny 100whp car...cause that whine means there is a GIGANTIC turbo in there.

posted by  Zalight

so very true, im not saying i dont liek those cars, its just there not a muscle, if you get what im saying.

for instance, when i move to college, i plan on buying a nice 2g eclipse and plan on moding it so i can slapp on a 20g turbo :hi: vroom vroom

posted by  ride3k

I would say the closest thing Japan has to a Muscle car is the Infiniti G35 if you count it as Japanese. Its got 280-298 horsepower on a rear-drive, two door coupe that sounds pretty muscular.

posted by  moostang104314

Soudns like an FX35/45

posted by  newyorker

Yeah, the FX is based on the same platform and uses the same 3.5 V6, but is a crossover. Wouldn't that be sweet seeing the FX45's 4.5 V8 in the G coupe? Now that would be the perfect Japanese muscle car.

posted by  moostang104314

what about the lexus sc 300 or sc 330

posted by  V-Tec

Well I don't know what defines a Japanese muscle car, but I would suspect that any boyracer with a production corvette or mustang would get a little squirmy if a production Godzilla pulled up next to him at the lights.

posted by  Wally

There never was an SC330. I think you mean SC430.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

American muscel cars all had Three things in common. rear wheel drive. Big V8 motor. and a nasty grunt when you gave it he juice. I don't know of any jap cars that actually meet that criteria,. but I would say that the M45 is about the closest. It's rear wheel drive, has the V8 and it sounds alright. It really does'nt have the muscle car grunt and growl of a big block but its not bad.

posted by  jhains

Thank you!

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I would say a Supra or perhaps the new GT-R prototype:

posted by  StiMan

I'd have to say that the market in Japan and the U.S. is quite different. The Japanese have never been much for V8's, the only V8's they've really produced were destined for the American market... to compete with our existing V8's (there will be some exceptions, this is just a broad generalization so I can get cut up for it). Calling the M45 a muscle car is a huge stretch, it's like saying the original Cadillac V16 was a muscle car. Just because it's got a big engine doesn't make it a muscle car.

I must say that Japan's muscle cars fall under a different classification and are ruled by Godzilla and the Supra, both of which are coupes with big power, RWD/AWD, manual transmission, make their way onto many young peoples' wall in the form of posters, and strike fear into the heart of fellow racers (sanctioned).

posted by  Bino

ya my bad thanks... i was thinking of actually buying one but both the V8 and V6 eat a lot of gas

posted by  V-Tec

What about the NSX?...

There's a good bit of Japanese V6's...:hi:

posted by  chris_knows

what do you mean by that? it's a pure nissan VQ35DE... or do you just mean the "style" and "feel" of it?

either way, can ya elaborate?

posted by  pik_d

Pretty sure he was just confused about the 350Z, not realizing that versions of that motor have been around for quite some time.

You'd be hard pressed to call the an NSX a muscle car anywhere, that's more like a Japanese Ferrari... not a muscle car. It's a high strung V6 that generates little torque and decent HP... due to its high rpm range.

posted by  Bino

The NSX is I guess more of an exotic, but what about an RX-7/8?

posted by  chris_knows

most reviews of that car over here have said it feels and sounds like an american car...

posted by  Mk3golfer

Skyline and Supra

posted by  newyorker

i think thats VERY contradictory... import muscle? nahh, imo no such thing. and if dem asians did make a muscle car... i would spit on it...

posted by  Stem

Yeah right, you would spit on a VH45DE with 20psi coursing through it; an RB26DETT reliably running 750kW.

You really should broaden your horizons and actually go for a drive in one the Jap powerhouses.... you may be quite delighted with the performance, most people are.

posted by  Wally

honda crx :laughing: kidding....... japanese people are more into good over-all performance e.g. corners... well that's my :2cents:

posted by  ahoo

oh mate i'd say that the 350z would be japans muscle car. but yeah probably the skyline could be too.

posted by  sheepstyne

yeah, thats what most of the other people said

honda should make a 500hp 5.0 litre v8 with vtec
that would be cool

posted by  nighthawk

that would be cool, in something similar to the nsx

posted by  True_Brit

or japan's corvette? :hi:

posted by  nighthawk

Toyota has already developed a 500hp v8 for their Supras in GT500 and Mugen has a 4litre V8. It'll only be a matter of time...

posted by  fudge

The Aussies have really been the only country outside the US to deliver factory musclecars. A Musclecar was an intermediate or full size coupe/sedan with an inexpensive, but powerful V8, designed primarily for drag racing or oval track. Even the most expensive of hem was dirt cheap (when new) in comparison to exotics or high end sports machines. The primary point was to deliver high hp to the masses at a low price.

There were a couple of exceptions, of course, with cars like the ZL1 powered Chevy's and a few of the Hemi powered Mopars getting into higher prices (though still cheaper than the exotics), and with cars like the Buick Grand National running a turbo V6 instead of the V8 (but to be honest, the Grand National came well after the musclecar era was officially declared dead).

Japan never really made a musclecar, and neither has anyone in Europe (the AMg Mercedes come close, except that being affordable power was never part of their description).

posted by  ChrisV

couldnt agree more

posted by  81-camaro

give it another year or so......

posted by  Inygknok

First car to come to mind is the 350z.

The lancer evo is probably better because it has more torque for a similarly weighed vehicle, but the 350z has the look to it also.

posted by  Bronxie

In a sense i feel many of the high-perf japanese cars can be considered "muscle", if you use the original definition of muscle. Muscle cars were cheap, small-to-midsize models stuffed with big engines and sold cheap. Remember the original GTO was simply a Tempest with a big-block, and most of the most famous muscle cars had much slower and more "basic" couterparts"

Think of it this way:

The Evo and Sti simply started as high-perf versions of the basic Lancer and Impreza, respectively

The Skyline GT-R was really a high-perf version of the basic Nissan Skyline in Japan (even though the Skyline was more a luxury car than most "imports")

The Supra was basically a hopped-up Celica when it first started

If you think about it, many high-perf japanese cars started from basic people carriers.

posted by  omegaV12

STi, Evo IX, RX-7 R, VR-4, Supra, Skyline GT-R, NSX R, 300zxTT, 350Z...ect... (Powerhouse of the Japanese automotive industry) These can be considered Japanese muscle because "muscle" is an opinion. Some say the modern day GTO and corvette are muscle cars while others claim that the muscle era was late 60's to early-mid 70's. Probally the best way to break it down would be to have

Classic American Muscle

Modern American Muscle

Modern Japanese Muscle

posted by  05BlackWRX

They are working on it. It will be the NSX replacement due here between 2007-2008. Search NSX replacement in google and see what comes up.

posted by  O5BlackWRX

Yep, the new nsx is gonna look awesome. (The old one looks like crap)

posted by  Bronxie


posted by  newyorker

you must be kidding :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Well...it is a fast bitch :wink2:

posted by  99integra

toyota gt2000 - true japanese muscle, though it may not be the fastest, but if it wasnt for this car, supras, toyotas, 6cylinder cars all togather would have never existed

posted by  mazda6man

until someone else would have come up with the idea :laughing: ,
id say any fast jap car is their muscle car! (if you know what i mean?)

posted by  True_Brit

Since opinion is king, then we can toss facts and classifications out the window. It's my opinion the WRX is a pickup truck. And guess what? I can't be wrong, 'cause I said it's my opinion! Why should we stick with the old definitions of pickup truck? Things change, and it's my opinion that the WRX (and EVO) are pickups now.

Does that sound about right?

There were other performance cars in the days of the musclecar that were not musclecars. Many were faster than musclecars, but they were't musclecars. Once you figure out why, then you'll understand why cars like teh EVO, WRX, and 350Z, while performance cars, aren't musclecars.

posted by  ChrisV

http://videos.streetfire.net/search/supra/2/d602b7de-8a24-41c8-ada6-43c8255 ce11c.htm

http://videos.streetfire.net/search/supra/19/95c2aa56-41f1-418e-a095-c0023b f9840b.htm

http://videos.streetfire.net/search/supra/21/5ae0d4b3-6f90-4bce-b693-2de6c5 a60535.htm

http://videos.streetfire.net/search/supra/37/c1317564-6c4d-4442-b8fb-982701 65f017.htm

Just for fun, a turbo Neon owning a turbo civic...that neon happens to be at a local shop called RevItUp Motorsports and belongs to Ray the owner

http://videos.streetfire.net/search/turbo/0/2804ff69-604a-47d2-97cf-69ad819 aa06d.htm

Another vid of it


posted by  newyorker

I meant you must be kidding, you just said supra
but its all been covered many times in this thread alone

posted by  nighthawk

I can classify a pickup truck and a sport compact sedan. How do you classify a classic american muscle car vs a similar dated american performance car...It is like saying saying the STi, Evo, SRT-4 ect... are "tuner cars." I could possibly find data to support that these are a popular choices to upgrade, but there is no clear cut fact or specification to prove they are "tuner cars." My point is that the terms "muscle" "tuner" are not based off of any kind of spec. The terms "pick-up", "sedan", "coupe", and "hatchback" are based off a specification. No offense but when you can post clear cut specs of a muscle car, I will give you the props but untill then, you are just rambling to us all.

posted by  O5BlackWRX

Here we go again... Flamewar number 3,480,732,821,098.5



posted by  elchango36

Can I have some of that :pop: please?:laughing:

posted by  newyorker

Can you? It's all opinion, as those terms don't have definitions on spec sheets, especially when some of the things you might want to use aren't universal (like on the Subaru Brat and Honda Ridgeline).

I mean, is the Ford Lightning a sports car? 2 seat, 2 door, V8 RWD, lowered factory suspension designed for handling. Very little towing capacity. Yeah, it has a separate frame, but so does a Trimph Spitfire.

I already did that. A muscle car was a domestic intermediate or full size car with a V8 designed for drag racing or circle track. The '55-56 Dodge D500 was the first to get named that way, the Tempest GTO was the first to popularize it and defined/set the standards for the rest. The original Cobra, like the Corvette, used muscular engines, but were desgned for a different target. Neither were full size or intermediate sedans being factory created for drag racing and/or circle track.

Pony cars (so named for the most popular of them, the Mustang, even though it wasn't the first) were compacts with V8s designed for drag racing and road racing.

The EVO and Subaru don't have inexpensive, but powerful V8s, and aren't designed from the factory for drag racing or circle track. They are, however, designed for rallye, making them sport sedans, in the tradition of numerous sport sedans of the past, such as the BMW 2002, Fiat 131 Abarth, and Lancia Delta Integrale. Those cars were not musclecars, but high performance (for their day) sport sedans for road race and rallye use.





Performance cars, all, and fast for their day, but not a one of them is a musclecar, though they are all sedans.

If you think it's all about rambling, and you don't care to learn anything, then why are you here?

posted by  ChrisV

The Subaru Brat is classified as a compact pickup. The Honda Ridgeine is classified as a full size pickup...:screwy:

Is this a widely understood and agreed upon definition? Like I said...what makes a tuner car, a tuner car? Small cheap engine? Easily modifiable? Sub Compact to Compact size/light weight?Is a Geo Metro a tuner car?...I am not saying you are wrong, what I am saying is that you are not 100% right. Muscle, nomatter which way you want to look at it, is opinion. For example, when did the "muscle" era exactly end? Is there such thing as modern muscle? There were no v6 muscle cars!?! Classifications are classifications i.e. trim and spec. "Muscle" is neither of these...

posted by  O5BlackWRX

all u guys r forgeting one main thing muscle cars were known for their coke bottle styling and their engines which boasted immense raw power and muscle cars got their title less for the specs they offered but for the feeling they gave when u look at them or when the engine was ignited the imposing vibrationrs u get so for every person there maybe a diffrent car as a muscle

muscle lover   26 Dec 2012 11:20

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