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hi!!! i am paying $125 for my 10 yrs old tercel... what is the minimum coverage should i carry for this old car to lessen my premium... i live here in las vegas, nv and my insurance company is statefarm... thanks for the help!!!

posted by  THERESA73

i dont know about nevada
but i would have the bare minimun for insurance
in canada we have plpd
ontariorather, each province has different insurance
which basicaly means im not covered for anything other then liability
no fire no theft
no nothing
its the minimum required by law to drive on the road
rates are determined by many things
age car sex

posted by  windman

For that car I would get the liability coverage. Itl be better because even if you DO total the car, you wont get that much for it, so youre just overpaying. If you know you drive safe, justget limited.

posted by  newyorker

damn...I wish I could pay $125 for my insurance...But ICBC Overcharges us (I pay about $1600 per year for a '92 Geo Tracker which is worth maybe 4500 with no collision or anything - just liability)
Even my mom with over 10 years safe driving(gives a 45% discount) pays $1500 for her '00 Kia Sportage...Now you gonna complain about paying $100 a year

posted by  Golddragoner

Just how exaclty do you want me to know?? This is one of those "Vwhobo:not enough info" threads. insurance rates are based on much more factors than just the car your insuring. Age, sex, driving record, the condition of your car, type of car, accident rate of your car, and much more. All I know is that you live in a city and you drive a 95 Toyota Tercel.
What I can tell you is that among the big insurance companies, Statefarm is one of the best and most expensive. If you wanna save money, consider a diff. insurance company :2cents:

BTW, I pay $100 a month liability insurance through my dad's insurance with Allstate. I thought I was being ripped off because I remember a while back a thread about insurance rates and some teens paying <=100 for insurance on their own (ie not through Mummy and Daddy). :ohcrap:

posted by  elchango36

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