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As many of you know, the hot market right now is the Sub-Compact, the amount of sub-compacts coming off the lot is exponentially larger then the big sedans. Current dominator of the market is the Toyota Yaris, or Echo. The domestics don't stand a chance in this market against their asian/ european rivals. With Honda's Fit set to launch in April, its going to dominate the sub-compact market, cause it already does in the rest of the world. Nissan is set to launch the Versa too. Here are some specs and pics of the competitors in this market.

Toyota Yaris 5 door (only available in Canada for now)
1.5L I4 w/ 106 hp + 103 lb.-ft
5-speed manual
available 4-speed automatic
34 city/40 highway for the manual
34 city/39 highway for the automatic

Nissan Versa
1.8L I4 w/ 120 hp + 125 lb.-ft
6-speed manual, 4-speed automatic, CVT
Estimated 40 mpg
13,000-14,000 USD< br />< br />

The VW golf will be excluded in comparison because they are more expensive , and has a larger engine, i think it should be compared to previous gen Civic Si instead.

posted by  aerith

Chevrolet Aveo
1.6L I4 w/ 103 hp + 107 lb.-ft
5 Speed manual, 4 speed Automatic
Estimated 32-38 mpg
11,000-14,000 USD

Honda Fit (I think we in Canada get it earlier, for some reason, the sub-compacts launch earlier here, like the Yaris was on sale in october, anyays the fit is launching in April here)
1.5L I4 w/ 109 hp + 105 lb. -ft
5 speed manual, 5 speed automatic
Estimated 45 mpg
Estimated at 13,000 USD for well equipped

The red Fit shown is the Sport model with available sports package which includes the 16 inch wheels, and the aero kit.

Personally, i think the Fit is best styled out of all of them interior or exterior wise. I think that the Fit is going to dominate this market, because it features a lot of things that is not found on it's competitors; like a 160watt sound system, those seats with many configurations, and it has the largest interior volume out of all of them. Theres a webpage on it if you want more info on it; here ( (not sure if its advertising, but it doesnt make any money; its purely for information, and its an official Honda webpage so i don't know, if its not allowed, i'll take it off)

posted by  aerith

The Fit kind of looks like an older Civic Hatchback, but it looks pretty nice still, I'd probably also take it :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

I believe the Fit will be the next Honda CRX, a cult car. It only weighs a ton, and you can easily drop a K20 into it. Mugen has done it already with their Fit Dynamite car. It makes 260 hp, and 180tq. With such a light chassis, it has a great power to weight ratio, it uses a similiar suspension setup as the new civic, so it handles great. You can import a LSD from Spoon. Heres a couple pics of the Mugen Fit with the K20 swapped in. Its a four door car with great practicality, its very light, handles well, good power after swap, what more can you ask for? You can easily get a JDM ITR (RSX type-R) K20a with the LSD tranny for 3-4K USD. Which has 220 hp stock.

posted by  aerith

Sounds pretty solid, and 260 hp would make it at about 173hp per litre :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

The 260 hp is achieved with the 2.0L K20a not the 1.5 L series engine that is found in the stock Fit.

posted by  aerith

Still kicks ass :smoke:, and 130hp/Litre...

posted by  chris_knows

That fit looks like a nicer remodeled 2001 Honda Civic Si :thumbs:
It is the sharpest looking one of the bunch :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

I find it amusing that you ,who owns a similar generation of honda, would even think that This:
Looks Like This: 2031990005.JPG

posted by  DSMer

And youre telling me it doesn't???? make it a two door and you've got a remodeled 2001 Civic Si

Oh BTW, I'm 2 gens behind the 01 Si

posted by  elchango36

The Mugen Fit is the only one I wouldn't want to run over if I saw it driving down the road. Those are some awful looking vehicles (matter of opinion).

posted by  Bino

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