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The Acura RDX Prototype made a showing at the NAIAS. This prototype is very similiar to the production model apparently. The most exciting part is the engine; a 2.3L inline 4 turbocharged to put out 240hp with 260 lm.-ft of torque. The first acura engine with forced induction, i'm not sure if its the first Honda car though. I wonder if they are going to put it in the TSX with AWD, then it might stand a chance against the BMW 3 series. Here are a few pictures;

posted by  aerith

It's beautiful, but isn't there a standard tranny version?

posted by  chris_knows

It's very nice. It's not getting too space age looking either so thats nice. Wouldn't mind having one of those in the driveway.

posted by  Spanky2324

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