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Hi, to introduce the problem let me start out with what i am working with,

1990 300ZX Non-Turbo V-6 3.0
95,000 Miles
Automatic (if it matters)
Right side cat-back has 2 holes in it (ill fix it soon)
I have already tried pouring the stuff you pur into the gas tank (forgot what its called)
I always use be most expensive gas (premium)

O.K. so to the problem, when i start my car it dies if i dont give it some throttle until it warms up. I hold the throttle down to about 1,000 RPM. after about a minute i can slowly let off throttle and let it idle on its own. I know that when an engine is cold it can do that sometimes and it is pretty cold here. Anyways thats not the main problem, the main problem is that when i come to a complete stop and then apply throttle to move again the rpms drop to about 500PRM almost dies, you wait about 1 second and then it regains life and drives off strong. This also happens when im on the highway and i want to pass quickly or when i apply 100% throttle it also does this lags a little and then takes off strong. Do you think this is because of the exaust not being sealed? I have noticed that there is small holes and cracks in it, i am going to replace it after i get my next pay check. But before I do this problem might be more important. Thanks for the help!

posted by  Kris

Before anybody ofers this bozo any assistance, I suggest you read this thread (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=19144). If you look at just the mechanical advice portion and ignore the usual off topic banter, you'll see that he was givin specific and correct instructions on how to perform the requested proceedure. But due to his vast automotive knowledge, he not only refuted that info but also determined that we "don't know crap" and "all of you are stupid".

Now, you have to ask yourself two questions. If he knows so much, why is he asking for help with such a simple job? And, is it worth spending your time trying to help this person only to be called stupid? I think the answers are pretty self evident and he should be allowed to figure it out himself. Thank you for your time.

posted by  vwhobo

Alright i said you not everyone were stupid because you did not understadn my problem. I may have not understood your responce and taken it worng. But i taken care of my spark plug question and thats over with. So if you want to go around and act like a little kid about you can, but i am going to be the bigger man here and apaologise. I am sorry i called you stupid, and whoever else thought i called them stupid as well. If you decide to keep this up thats fine with me but id rather not. THanks

posted by  Kris

Fair enough.

posted by  vwhobo

Seeing's how Mr vwhobo likes to throw around some insults lets have one of mine - shall we!

vwhobo, before you rip into someone else about their knowledge of vehicles maybe you should do a little research yourself before making a statement.
example you replied to someone with a 92 stanza who thought they had valve train noise after performing work on the exhaust mainfolds, you stated that and I quote:

Originally Posted by fallenrebel16
I've been working on a friends 1992 Nissan Stanza...I just replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets because they were leaking. It's making a weird knocking/clicking noise now and I took off the valve cover to figure out what it was. I closed the hood because it got dark and I plan on working on it tomorrow. Any idea what it could be? Lifters?

Hmmm... It makes a funny noise AFTER you worked on it. Seeing as it doesn't have lifters, and apparently it wasn't making the noise BEFORE you worked on it, maybe you should check to see what you did incorrectly.

Now the point here is that you stated that the vehicle doesn't have lifters,
when in fact IT DOES!!. They located up inside the rocker arms that sit on top the camshaft.
The point here is that perhaps you should know excactly what you are talking about before you speak!!

As for the problem with Z car.

The problem you are having should be caused by one of two things.
1. idle air control valve
2. throttle position sensor

a third but unlikely possibility is a vac. leak

* just so you guys know I don't usually go around throwing insults but I will make an exception this time*


posted by  gawlevi

Good try e-tard, but if you want to flame me, first make sure you have some facts. A KA24E DOES NOT and never has had lifters. It has hydraulic valve lash adjusters, which in your simple mind might be the same thing. Even though they perform one (and only one) of the same funtions, they are not lifters. If you'd like, I'll be happy to not only produce pictures of a lifter and a rocker arm with HVLA's, I can also explain exactly how they work and why they're different.

Having your facts correct will give you the opportunity to look alot less stupid. Moron. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

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