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You think its worth 15k? lol drools... :drool:


posted by  nightroad

It looks a bit ricey, and I just burst out laughing here:

But I'd take it...the price doesn't sound too bad, and there's some stuff I'd take out, like the GTO badges everywhere, the guages (while pretty cool looking, I doubt some of them work), the spoiler, the fake(I believe) carbon fibre hood.

Overall though, it looks like it's worth it....:2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

Maybe but it's nothing you can't fix or remove, don't pass up the opportunity to buy a good car just because it has an ugly wing, neons or stickers.:thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Does the kid in the background come with it lol. No it's a good price though. Like Greekwarrior said nothing you can't take off or remove. It's a really good looking car if you take off those parts that are not needed.

posted by  Spanky2324

ricey, true, but you dont like the GTO badging??? ah, nothing like JDM looks, but those god awful seats need to go and that wing is about 50' to tall

EDIT: thorugh on sum nice ralliart seats, and chnage the back ones and the int is all good, i actually like the huge cluster of gauges

posted by  ride3k

Well I didnt give my full opinion since the mods cost more than $15k by double that made me drool. Yes, I do agree that the spoiler is ridiculus and that the seats need some replacement. But overall its a nice ride- that reminds me of Grand Turismo but without looking at the interior and the different exterior color. Lol Chris just cause its ricey and the badgers are stupid doesnt mean you have to wipe my drool lol.

posted by  nightroad

I said it was ricey, but I'd still get it, most of the stuff I'd take off could be sold anyhow...BTW keep your drool :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I'd definetely take it. Looks pretty good (a bit ricey, but w/e) and is pretty speedy. Only thing I would do is remove some of those gauges. I don't like when there's too many. :2cents:

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Looks like a pretty good deal but I'll haggle him down to about 12k if I were to buy it.

posted by  fudge

I'd take it for 15k

posted by  PontiacFan27

if you tried to haggle that down, you would be laughed at by everyone, including the person selling it, if you think that car is only worth 12k you need to leave now

posted by  ride3k

Just because he lists it for 15k doesn't mean you have to pay for the asking price. Also modifications don't nessecarily add to the value of the car and most GTO's/3000GT goes for less than $15K round where I live.

posted by  fudge

Too much wasted time, too much wasted money. That money he spent could have been deposited in an education fund for the little tyke.

posted by  Wally

ya, were talking about stock 3kgt's with more than 100k miles, this thing has a brand new motor. I dont know where you live but find me a 3kgt VR4 with a 0mile engine for less than 15k and you sir will recieve a cookie

posted by  ride3k

Posting your little knowledge about something of high value that your not sure of but think you are shows you need to think before you press the submit reply button.

posted by  nightroad

It's called bartering, and most times it will work...but you have to know how to do it...Personally, I'm terrible though :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

Start low and work your way up.....

But honestly to put all that money into it and not drive it seems kinda a waste.

posted by  fudge

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