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Ok, so today i went to look at this car.. yes i was going to buy it.. had a swapped motor in it.. dohc vtec in a civic hatch. well i thought it had powersteering.. went to drive it and very well.. it didnt.. and the guy told me you cant have powersteering with a twin cam swapped motor in a civic hatch.. but i dont know if its because of the space quantity, or what? anyone know?

posted by  vlc92189

It would probably depend on which engine he'd put in there, but I doubt it would be impossible...What engine was put in there?

posted by  chris_knows

Theres always room or there wouldnt be room for other important things.

posted by  nightroad

type r engine. dohc vtec ( integra type r)

posted by  vlc92189

i call bullshit i bet you could ... the only reason you couldnt would be the amount of space

posted by  lamboluver

Anything can be done if you really want to do it. Well to an extent(you can't put a 20L engine in a little sprint...just won't happen. But if you really wanted to put power steering into the car it would be possible. Might be more work than it is worth though since you get used to not having power steering(its not such a hard-ship...besides then you get a small work-out driving your car :))

posted by  Golddragoner

power steering just reduce's the all out power of the vehicle.

the power steering actually runs off the crankshaft, it's the older, origanal way to have it done, it's just a pulley that runs off the crank that runs a pump and makes your steering light and easy to monuver.

because of this method of power steering, you tend to lose power, so if you can score a civic hatch with a type r dohc engine in it WITHOUT power steering, you should get it and just get used to driving it hard.

i mean, atleast it's not a 3t plus 4x4, it's only a little, light civic.

i had a mean as all hell excel without power steering and it used to pull 12.26's, when i sold it to my old man as a work car, he put the shit on it and it started doing 12.79's.

i'd buy it if i had the cash on the spot, but i'm saving for either an sr20det s13 silvia or a '97 wrx sti.

anyway, it's good to be back, hopefully this library wont kick me out as much and i'll be able to be on frequently.

laters all.

posted by  HyundaGuy

i dont they they have 97 wrx sti's....

posted by  V-Tec

come again? in english this time so i can understand what you're sayin'.

posted by  HyundaGuy

He doesn't think there were 1997 Impreza WRX STi's...Is he right?

posted by  chris_knows

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