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hey does anyone know of a company that uses the FR layout in their cheaper models. cause i've been looking around, and it doesn't seem that corollas civics, proteges, etc., are even produced anymore with FR drive. and i don't got the money to buy one s2000 or 240sx. and besides, i heard japanese models are a little more reliable than american. not to put down american of course.

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Funny how most of the cheap cars used to be FR, but now it's considered "too expensive."

Right now the only way to get inexpensive FR japanese cars is to go used.

Going used, however removes the "guarantee" that the car is going to be more reliable (as if it really ever existed). Ask yourself why you want a RWD car, however. I'd bet the answer shows that used is a better choice anyway...

posted by  ChrisV

before anyone else answers your question you MUST, and i mean MUST introduce yourself in the respective forum.

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well i wrote some stuff out in that other forum, but what can i say. i like cars in general and i wanted to know more. i'm from hawaii, and i drive a 94 honda civic. oh and thanks to chrisv, i knew somebody would know something. do i need to say more stuff???

oh to add on, if i got the other stuff in order, i've been reading around that some toyota engine... is it the 4age? can actually be changed into a FR in a corolla. is this true, and if so can you do that to other engines, like my car? hey how much more would an FR car cost anyway. i don't think i;ll ever get car companies

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heh, actually, the infamous AE86 Corolla, aka Hachiroku, or for u fans of anime, the one that Takumi Fujiwara uses in Initial D, which is called the Corolla GT-S in the US, is the first and only corolla thats an FR so far. it comes in either a coupe model or a hatchback. both weigh the same, though the coupe is a bit lighter (HB model rear glass is heavy), but both r good. it comes with the 4AG, since the 4AGE is the later engine model, but it can be found very easily, n u can even find the car in a junker, restore it, transfer the new engine in, n its very cheap (if u know the right people it can come out EVEN cheaper). its a very popular drift car, n sometimes used in the streets cuz of its light body n great handling, n its a toyota, so they last, but u gotta take care of it.

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