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Skimming through the classifieds today, and saw an RX-7, for $700 (could probably get it down to $500), but needs a new starter, and some minor body work...

Here's the story he told us:
Bought it 9 months ago, from a guy who's owned 4 RX-7's in his life, and he maintained it nicely. At 80,000 miles, the transmission was replaced (manual), and a new, one piece, custom exhaust was put in, to work around the transmission. When the current owner got it, 9 months ago, he had 4 cars at the time, and drove it 100 miles or so.

He claims all she needs is a new starter, and I highly doubt it...So, my questions are:

-Does it seem like a good deal as a project car?
-Is there a way to start the car without the starter?...I figured push starting it, but he claims it is pretty heavy...

EDIT: Forgot to mention it had power windows/doors, and the electric suspension adjustment still works (first time I've even heard of one), cruise control doesn't work...

posted by  chris_knows

Heavy as in stock 2600lbs if I am not wrong? What is this guy as small as you? You could push start it no problem, my friend owns one EXACTLY even down to the year I believe, the thing is light, they come with 1.3li motors..... they HAVE to be light lol

Check out the kbb, chekc everything out, and of couse get a contract that everything he says works does and if it doesn't you got a kind of written agreement. Sounds like a fine car, and my friend claims his is "fast" so either it's that light or he hasn't been in many fast cars. I'm thinking the latter personally...

posted by  Pythias

Yeah, he wasn't much bigger than me lol...not much older either, but he said this:

"It's not a light car, it looks small, but it's pretty heavy..."

And my dad was there, and he isn't too small, but doesn't know too much about the RX-7, so he's looking under the engine, and reads, "I(not 1[one])3B...and it's not the turbo either..." :laughing:

KBB has it at $1,300 U.S. (Zip code 12345) for fair (the worst) condition, so...it seems resonable.

I discussed it with vwhobo, and I'm thinking of some other cars instead...

posted by  chris_knows

See if you can push start it. If it is just the starter you will be able to push start it. Do that before buying it.

Even if it doesnt start, that could possibly not matter depending on what your goals are for it as a project. I've heard of people doing LS1 swaps into RX7s, and if thats something you want to try then the shape of the current engine really doesnt matter.

posted by  PontiacFan27

True... this could be a nie project car, first make sure it starts, if it doesn't its not worth the 700 and talk in down to maybe even 400. But if it doesn, get the starter and bam sell the engine, get some money and do the swap, ChrisV could help you greatly with that, I already asked about a swap for an 87 RX-7 if you loook through my threads posted and he gave me a site. I suggest Chris, since chances are you got the time and will eventually get the money to do this. You don't seem dumb to go wreck it or lazy enough to not do it.

posted by  Pythias

I will do it, and obviously won't wreck it because I'll have put in too much time and money to piss it away, and I probably won't go very fast either...

BTW PontiacFan, an LS1 swap was what I was planning on doing, and a push start would have worked I guess...

Thanks for all the help, but I won't be getting it, probably something similar (compact) though...

posted by  chris_knows

Where is this car located? :hi: lol.... if only I had the money (as I have the engine).

So if KBB says it's $1300 US then it's about $1500 CAD so he wants less then half the actual value. Too bad I can't push start my truck and let it run for once (damn cow, me and 2 friends couldn't move it but then it has been there awhile).

posted by  car_crazy89

It's like 15 minutes (under 10 miles) from here...but I could keep it until you saved up the scratch lol...

What about a cow? lol

posted by  chris_knows

Hmm, well you are kinda far from where I'm located (about 1.5 hour drive to Toronto from here).

And the cow thing was cause the size/weight of my truck for push starting (unlike the RX-7).

posted by  car_crazy89

1.5?...I'm 3 and a half from there, 2 if you're in a rush :laughing:

What kind of truck is it?

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah, but I think your on the other side of Toronto then I am lol.

It's the truck in my sig (and I posted pics of it for you in the one thread) lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

Oh...right, the one where you told the world what your photobucket password was :laughing:

That looks like a fun project, and yeah, we probably are on opposite sides of Ontario :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Haha yes, that's the one :mrgreen: .


posted by  car_crazy89

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