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how do you relocate the battery to the trunk?

posted by  silvia_star

I know there are special kits for moving the battery for better balance, but first of all...what car?

posted by  chris_knows

I don't think the make of car really matters (but I'd check it out incase I guess).

Here's a kit I found: 1&part=SUM-G1200A&N=115&autoview=sku

posted by  car_crazy89

if putting the battery into the trunk, for safety reasons it would either need to be in a sealed box vented to the outside or be a sealed battery (like the optima ones) if it is not a gel battery then it is not sealed. Without the vented outside on a unsealed battery you could get a build up of hydrogen in the car and risk it blowing up.

By the way...if you went to get your car looked at for legality and safety, without venting an unsealed battery your car will fail.

posted by  Golddragoner

yes gas explosions can take their toll:

posted by  Wally

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