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Hey guys look at what ive found. I think its awsome, do you think it really works and gives as much pwer as it says it will? What do you think of this? ry_id=f7862dbdb937d318c2cce0d63c10c6dd& (Check it out)

posted by  Kris

I'm sure not having to pass through the muffler might clear up a couple hp, but very little.

Maybe I could use this to beat e-check...

posted by  OombaIsBack

dead link

posted by  fudge

No it isnt. I just went to it, it just doesnt work to click it. ry_id=f7862dbdb937d318c2cce0d63c10c6dd&

posted by  OombaIsBack

Shouldn't that work as switching from Pipes with Cats to offroad pipes? Adding around 5-10 more horses?

posted by  Pythias

So this involves using no muffler? Isnt that illegal?

posted by  newyorker depends where you live and what the laws are. Some places you can run without a muffler but if you pass a certain decibal level than you get into trouble with the laws....why you think motorcycles are so loud? they are pushing the limits on the noise laws. Best to check with the law officials what the laws about mufflers are though...of course you can get a wastegate and run pipes then when a cop pulls you over close the gate and say it wasn't I'd have fun doing that

posted by  Golddragoner

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