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i just bought a 97 Prelude not to long ago, its completly stock, and i was wondering what the best sounding exhaust is. I dont want a fart pipe(ricey sounding)- like alot of civics have, just something that sounds really nice and also hads a few horsepower


posted by  mikemikemike

I'd go with something by Borla or Magnaflow. They sound nice.

posted by  OombaIsBack

my friend told me about Borla and I wasnt sure if i should listen so i just wanted to hear you guys/girls opionions thanks :heh:

this sucks, Borla doesnt make any exhausts for my car, or any other parts for that matter --- at least when i go through what year car, make and model

nevermind,but which one, Turbo Mufflers, Turbo XL Mufflers, or Boomer Mufflers?

posted by  mikemikemike

ummm every manufacturer has a muffler for every car...sometimes it is the universal one that you have to weld in though

posted by  Golddragoner

Pay attention. He's not looking for just a muffler, he's looking for a complete (probably cat back) exhaust system. Put down your Prozac and step away from the computer.

posted by  vwhobo

i am trieing to look for a complete exhaust, as long as it sounds good, which there are no Borla, and i only heard that that soudns good on my car, so if i cant find a good soudning full exhaust system what kind of muffler should i get from Borla?

posted by  mikemikemike

look at the skunk2, or thermal exhaust, apexi.. all good stuff

posted by  vlc92189

He said he didnt want ricer exhausts.

posted by  PontiacFan27

So a functional exhaust that adds power and not just sound, is rice huh?

posted by  newyorker

No a functional exhaust that adds sound and no power is rice, what you just said made no sense. :screwy:

posted by  Pythias

lol you peoplee...... anyway id rather have better sound than more performance.

posted by  mikemikemike

u shud just get the style of borla muffler u want
and then just get the custom piping added to it

it doesnt matter whether u have a turbo or not if its just from the cat back.

posted by  integrakid1991

I envy you! that's my dream car right now... :cry: There aren't that many around here for a price i can afford. How do you like it? Is it a stick? Let me know as much as you can about it. can i touch it?

posted by  95civicdima

The ones that sound nice dont add power? Besides, its just a muffler. It not like one aftermarket muffler is going to give you alot of power, especially compared to another aftermarket muffler. 2 or 3 tops.

posted by  OombaIsBack

Pep Boys is now starting to deliver just the exhaust tip you need for that:


posted by  ChrisV

ricer eh? he can do what he wants. ive personally heard all three of them mufflers, and i think there great. thermal exhaust is good though.. def invest

posted by  vlc92189

no way!! yeah the h22's are nice but im thinking a type r into a civic is looottt quicker, and better :-) especially if its a hatch!

posted by  vlc92189

He said he doesnt want a ricey sounding exhaust.

posted by  OombaIsBack

I got the same car, only a 98, and I'm also looking for an exhaust. Those brand names are expensive though, you're looking at $500-600 If you go to a muffler shop, you can get a custom bent 2.25inch cat back with your choice of muffler for a lot cheaper, one place I was at told me $225.

But if you're looking for sound mostly, consider an intake. I have an AEM short ram that I got for about 100 bucks, and it made the car sound much better, as well as giving a slight gain you can feel, mostly with how quickly the car responds when you step on it, and also seems to pull a bit harder as well.

posted by  Vlad

are you just kidding about the enitre post or the touch my car?

posted by  mikemikemike

lol i dont think hes kiddin! some cars are just worth touching especially if you cant get it :laughing:

posted by  vlc92189

yea i wasnt trieng to make fun i just wasnt sure, but go ahead lol BUT WHAT ABOUT MY EXHAUST!??!@??

posted by  mikemikemike

bro just go on google.. and type in sound clips for performance exhaust.. and ull here some clips.. or u can try and find some on here. but i alreaady gave my input.

posted by  vlc92189

def. a borla...greddy systems arent that bad either.. any cat back will give you a fairly deep sound,..it is s 2.2 so you should be allright - if you want a really good sound go with a header back- and high-flow cats :clap: :thumbs:

posted by  3geclipse13087

old thread i know, but i searched prelude and came across this thought id add my 2 cents...ive got a 99 lude (non - sh) and ive got the Greddy EVO II cat back exhaust system and AEM V2 intake on it and it sounds great...when i first got the exhaust put on it was a deep sound at lower rpms but when id hit 5k rpms i heard more engine really then a deep exhaust sound but when i put the intake on thats when i noticed that it became lil deeper i love the sound it makes definitely will turn some heads...

posted by  Joe 88

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