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I have a 1999 suburu legacy and the car sometimes does not go into any forward gears. It is automatic by the way. However, it always goes into reverse. After about 100 tries I get into drive and go on.

I hate to take the car in because it works fine when a machanic looks at it, thus the problem is hard to find when the gears all work. :banghead:

Anyone know how this kind of trouble can come and go?

posted by  slim

Have you check the transmission fluid and made sure that it isn't burnt? the transmission fluid would be the easiest cause other than the shifter just not sending the right signal to the tranny(tranny fluid should be a slight tint of red on a piece of paper)

posted by  Golddragoner

I had the fluid changed and the car was tested. The mechanic said it seems to shift just fine, however I so get this drive problem every once in a while. When it does act up it seems like the tranny has gone, but I know in 30 min or so the dam car goes into drive again. I feel there is a control circuit that is acting up because I hear a sound as if a relay is trying to close. :banghead:

I put the car in Amco today, so lets see if they are any good at finding it.

posted by  slim

does it have overdrive? that same thing happend to a friend, and it was something wrong with her overdrive (overdrive only affects forward moving gears).

posted by  ride3k

yes a 4 speed auto tranny. What did your friend do to fix it. AMCO just said it would be $2000

posted by  slim

i dont rember, but she did have to take it to the shop, and 2000 sounds like they are just gunna rebuild your tranny, probably what you have to do, but i dont know, just stabbing

posted by  ride3k

Try posting this in R&M, more mechanics etc will see it there.

posted by  StiMan

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