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Hey, anyone know much about them? I'm trying to find a decent looking (AKA: sporty ;)) car for my first, but it also needs to be pretty cheap. I did find a Nissan EXA I liked, but it slipped out of first and my mum said that was very bad news...

Anyway, I've found this Eunos and before today I hadn't even really heard of Eunos, they aren't too common. Anyone know if they have a bad history or anything like that? It seems in fairly good condition, he said there was something in the engine that needed replacing to do with steering that made it make a clicking sound when turning, but besides that it was ok. Just trying to gather info, it looks alright I reckon.

Picture (http://search.carsguide.news.com.au/photos/2005/09/20/53700/54943/000_0124 _2.jpg)

Edit: Ahh I forgot to mention, I've never driven a manual before.. Well, once when I was impact testing aerials but I just started it in second and left it there. I initially thought I'd just stick to autos, but it seems all sports cars are manual so yeah.

posted by  strewart

bro look around your town for a honda civic coupe.. 94-95 . you can find one from a old lady for say.. 1000. its sporty.. you can put your own parts on there later on.. i think its the best thing for teens

posted by  vlc92189

Civic coupe 94/95? The only civics I could find from 94/95 were hatchbacks and sedans, maybe they don't make em in Aus..

Had that problem when a friend suggested a Ford Escort, they stopped making them here years ago.

posted by  strewart

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