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Ok so AMCO said my tranny is giving me trouble, which is why somtimes it does not go into drive. Jim the manager wanted to do a basic service for $600 and that will may not fix the tranny. He made no promise and made that clear to me.

I say why play hit or miss and maybe just change the whole tranny. Hit or miss repairs may cost me more.

So when a tranny gives so much trouble and the problem can not be found what would you do? :banghead:

posted by  slim

How helpful of them. You took it to them and basically said it doesn't work (won't go into drive). So they told you the reason it doesn't work is because it "is giving you trouble." No shit. if it wasn't giving any trouble, you won't have brought it to a trans shop... :banghead:

In fact, whan I was 16, and the auto trans on my big block torino was giving me trouble, and AAMCO said basically the same thing, I went and got a Motor's manual for the trans, bought a new seal kit and a shift kit, took it apart like the manual showed, put the new parts in carefully, and put it back together. Learned a lot and it worked first time.

Nowadays, I have much less time to rebuild it myself, but I'd try to come as close to that as possible, even if that meant getting a good used trans and doing the install myself.

posted by  ChrisV

Pretty good learning experience. I never thought a simple seal can be the cause of big trouble. Well anyway AMCO will do it for $2000.

You want to really laugh? The dealer Subaru wants $3500 for the repair.

The only thing I need advice in at this point is, how do I prevent AMCO from adding in some bull shit like a new torgue convertor. I was going to ask for the old part if they and try and pull that trick on me.:clap:

posted by  slim

Well, what year and model is it? Do you have the facilities to do a swap yourself (jackstands, ramps, tools, Haynes manual...)?

posted by  ChrisV

No I don't have a good working place to do it, wish i did. However I feel the more I police them the less I get beat. You already saved me because I see that if I went to the dealer he wont do anythig special, the job is mostly a seal or two. I am feeling better:thumbs:

posted by  slim

personally, i'd replace the auto box with a manual box.

my mate did it with his TG Gemini, it only costed him $250.00 all up, including the price of the box and the clutch.

i've got another mate who did it with a VS Commodore, he had it done professionally and didn't do it backyard and it only rounded itself out to $1100.00

everyone seems to think that it's an extremely expensive procedure, when in actual fact it's quite cheap and easy to do.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Those are some low prices. I guess they used a private shop instead of a chain like AMCO. Oh Amco said they will give me a 1 year guarentee, so I felt they must be confident in there repairs, because it will cost them to drop the tranny again.

posted by  slim

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