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well, what are your thoughts? i am all for the Lancer but the looks of a custom eclipse also catch my eye... i am undecided as of now :screwy:

posted by  starscream0

Being more specific in the years and exactly what mods is good.

posted by  newyorker

Base vs base model Id take the Eclipse. Highest model, Evo vs Eclipse GT, I'd take the Evo no matter what the year.

posted by  OombaIsBack

For me it's obviously the Evo, IMO :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

there, fixed that for you, but i do agree, i woudl take the evo8 or 7 over the gsx, but if i had to consider price, i would go the GSX

posted by  ride3k

Depends if you're talking about the old DSM Eclipses or the newer ones. The 2000+ versions are under the GT name.

posted by  OombaIsBack

ya, but since he didnt specify, i just went with the best eclipse on the market, used or new

the GT is a v6 but it lost the AWD and the turbo, but i dont know how either feel, blah blha, no seat time, im just going from numbers, and other experiences, i still cant wait till college, im getting an evo8 or 7, depending on money!!! woot woot

posted by  ride3k

Well if you're going by numbers, the new 2006 GT covers the 1/4 in 14.4 where the 2nd gen GSXs do it in 14.9. Both do the skidpad at .84g as well.

posted by  OombaIsBack

i'd go with an evoIII, i like that model the most cause of the looks and the interior's fairly comfy when you're doin 4 wheel doughies in a school carpark and then racing away from the principal at 160km/h.

posted by  HyundaGuy

aww, we never had the evo III's in the USA...

for me, the only eclipse i'd consider in comparison to the evo was the 2nd gen GSX. the newer one... looks all bloated (caus it is, in comparison to the older models)

though i've got a thing for a small fast 4-door car, and the evo fit's that bill to a T. :thumbs:

posted by  pik_d

Well considering the GST/GSX and the evo have the same engine, just depends what you like better. Not saying they put out the same performance or anything, but same 4G63 block.

But when you think about it, they're 2 different categories of cars. 2 door vs. 4 door, different price ranges. But they do share the AWD and turbo aspects however. I dunno, I like the eclipses, but don't see myself ever getting one in the future. I like the evos too, but right now my favorites are starting to become 2 door, 2 seaters, but meh, for practical purposes, I just might get an evo in the future if I have the money lol.

If you got the cash to put down for an evo, do it, if you don't the eclipse is a good choice (talking about the turbo ones, not the v6). Another thing going for the evo is that the DSMs are everywhere, but you don't see an evo everyday.

posted by  Vlad

ok, i am deff. going for the Lancer EVO. it looks the best stock. i like how it looks "boxy" in a way.

posted by  starscream0

hmmm i have an eclipse GT, and i would def. go with the evo if you are keeping it stock, because its fastest stock.
-- but if you are planning on mod.'s then go with the gsx, it has the same 4g63 block as the evo and parts are cheaper... but if you are talking about buying an evo. then i dont think you are to worried about the price. because those things stick for about 20's.. and for that price you could buy a modified gsx with 500 horsepower on the internet:thumbs:

posted by  3geclipse13087

your funny, and i can find evo's for 13k, a 2003 8, and if i could get of my lazy ass i could probably even find a 7 for even cheaper

posted by  ride3k

Comparing the EVO with the Eclipse is like comparing a Mustang GT with a Corvette Z06, with them being alot different in price and performance.

posted by  nsupra27

now to decide what kind of upgrades and what brands would be good with the EVO. performance and visual :hi:

posted by  starscream0

HKS Low Compression Internals (set to 8.5:1)
TRUST T88 ball bearing turbine (high flowed to 21psi)
HKS 800cc Fuel Injectors
HKS Fuel Rails
HKS 600hp Fuel Pump
NX Direct Nitrous Port (250 shot)
Mines Tuned Rom
AEM Racing Cams
HKS Port and Polish (complete engine engine rebuild)
Blitz DD BOV
HKS FMIC (6" core, w/ 4" custom piping)
AEM Cold Air Intake (from the turbo)
Elderbrock 62cm Racing Throttle Body
HKS Racing Valves

Clutch Masters Heavy Dutie Clutch
HKS Short Throw Shift Kit
HKS 6" Titanium DriveShaft
Lengthened Diff ratio's (4.11, Done by HKS)

Whiteline Custom 8kg Coil overs (front)
Whiteline Custom 8.5kg Coil overs (rear)
Whiteline Custom Adjustable Shock Absorbers (front and rear)
HKS Camber and Toe kit (front and rear) *Camber set to 0.5(f), 1.2(r)*

Brembo Cross, Drill and slotted 6 Piston Calipers (front and rear)
Brembo racing brake pads (front and rear)

... personally.. i think an EvoIII would go nice with all of those upgrades... i'd love to see that stuff in any car, let alone an evoIII. Depending on how you drive it and what fuel's used for the thing when you dyno tune it, depends on the max hp outcome, it'd more then likely be well over 500hp at the wheels though.

doesn't matter what you do to evo's even the slightest mods can make a massive difference, Take my gemini for example, when i bought it a few days ago, it had duel carbys on it, single throat, shit carbys that were BARELY pushing enough to make the engine make 80hp, now that i've replaced them with webbers, my gemi's pushing around 96 - 100hp on pump fuel and bags up without a worry in the world.

it does 60km/h rolling start burnouts, i can rev it out to around 5000rpm and drop the clutch in 2nd at 60km/h and it'll bag up all the way into 3rd, it does that in the dry.

what a lot of people don't understand is that when you do a small mod, depending on what it is, it can seriously inhance your performance and make your vehicle a lot faster.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Or... you could remove HKS from the beginning of all of those things and save yourself $4,000 and have a car that's just as fast and just as reliable. A T88 turbo on a 4G63... Seriously....:doh: :banghead:

posted by  Bino

well, that's what i'd do if i had the money, i just like HKS, i think that they make some seriously ****ing awesome cars.

and the reason for choosing the T88 was simple, i like big turbo's that can spool up quickly.

what type of turbo would you suggest you replace a TD03 with then?

posted by  HyundaGuy

Have you ever actually read anything, or seen a compressor map for a T88 turbo? It's a 120+lb/min turbo... any idea about what that corresponds to? That's about 1250hp on a well tuned car. Guys with 2.0L 4G63's pray to spool them by 5000 rpm with a 100shot of nitrous (more realistically they will spool by 6,000 with a 100 shot of nitrous). There's only a couple guys even running them on 2.0L 4G63's, and they rev the motors to at least 10K.

TD03? What EVO came with a TD03? The EVO III's came with a TD05H 16G, they haven't went with a smaller turbo since then.

If you're looking for huge power (clearly you don't know what you're talking about, but we'll pretend), go with an FP3065 or a FP3575, maybe even a GT35R... they're big flow ball bearing turbos good for 600+ at the wheels.... and they're all very small compared to a T88.

posted by  Bino

I'd take the Evo as it has AYC and can corner well in all road conditions.

posted by  fudge

oh ok, i just said a T88 cause it was first that came to mind.

now that you've said that and i've had more time to research, i'd go with a hks gt2530 ball bearing turbo and have it high flowed to 18psi.

would that be a better choice? or do you think i'm still an undereducated no knowledge retard that has no idea on what he's doing? cause it's not as if i've ever seen a car or an engine before.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Yes, that is what it still sounds like. A GT2530... the flow of that turbo is rated at about 320hp. That's no better than the 16g that comes stock on EVO III's and all EVO's since then... so, you want to spend $1500 on a turbo that's no better than the stock turbo... except that it's from HKS and you paid a butt load of money for it. 18psi is nothing for a stock 4G63 and I'm positive that turbo is more than capable of this without you having it "high flowed" (given that the stock turbo will hold 20+psi to redline).

Now if you were to track down a GT10 or an FP2544, which are 44lb/min turbo's with ball bearing center sections... this equals spool time very comparable to stock but a 400+hp top end. No, you don't know what you're talking about. These turbos are also very small for the motor, you're bouncing around at the extremes here kid.

posted by  Bino

look mate, you'd wanna watch your ****in mouth, i'm not throwing nasty words at you or trying to make you look like a **** tard, so don't do that to me.

ever heard the saying "treat people how you want to be treated?", yeah, give a go you ****ing retarded ice monkey.

posted by  HyundaGuy

haha.. dude got owned.
-- sucks that you tryed to sound like you know what you are talking about, and he just made you seem like a moron!
~if you dont know, dont talk... its simple.:thumbs:

posted by  3geclipse13087

I'm not sure where I was throwing nasty words at you either... I'm actually very baffled by your comments. If I didn't know what I was talking about, and I continued to try and make myself sound smart, even though I clearly had no clue what I was talking about... I would fully expect somebody to straighten me out. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Your post was in no way beneficial... at all. Please refrain from going through life as "Yes Man".

posted by  Bino

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