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i have the cash for a car now finally, im looking for a RWD car
my friend suggested a 1991 nissan sentra cus he said its RWD and then i thought it was bull**** cus they are FWD but wen i saw his friends 91 or i think its a 90 sentra it really was RWD cus he was burnin it out on the mud.
what model is it then? cus his friend doesnt know much bout cars
its a 4 door saloon
it says super saloon at the back and it has a 1.6
i looked around the net, but it kept on saying it was FWD

posted by  machspeed

Well, given that you saw a feinds version burning out with i's rear wheels, I'd say it was definately RWD and you were mistaken in thinking otherwise. They're not sold in the UK unless on import so I'm acting not on knowledge of the car, but in relation to your info. I would say though, that most manufacturers of large cars made them in RWD\in the late eighties and sometimes nineties. You'll probably find that new versions are infact FWD:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

well... my uncle has a sentra from the previous generation of my friends sentra and its FWD, and the next generation of my friends sentra is FWD, this 1 is caught in the middle. so this must be a uk version then? i live here in the philippines, so it could be possible.

posted by  machspeed

It cant be a UK Sentra, because they weren't sold here, or if they were it was in such small numbers that it passed me by lol. Okay, I done a search and found out that the 90's Sentra was FWD, so you must have been mistaken, or your freinds car was converted!:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy dad's owned 3 different Sentra's. Trust me, they're FWD econoboxes.

posted by  elchango36

Just take a look under the car, but from what I know, it's FWD...

posted by  chris_knows

FWD from what i know.
and also here

posted by  newyorker

Ummmm No way teh Dodge Neon is the most underrated, they have a little name for themselves now do to the new neon srt-4 and people know you can swap that motor into the old neons and ROCKET!
-- i give the most under rated car award to the Ford Probe.:clap:

posted by  3geclipse13087

That's subject to debate...I'm making a poll :laughing:

Gimme a minute, I've never made one before :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

VERY NICE! But unfortunately you answered in the wrong thread. Ford probes have a good name for themselves amongst the more experienced enthusiasts. The neon on the other hand is underrated.

posted by  newyorker

its converted to RWD!

posted by  machspeed

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