what is obd1?

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what is obd1?

posted by  silvia_star

A quick google would have done it, but OBD-I is use for cars pre-1995, where On board diagnostics (OBD) technology determines whether there is a malfunction in the components that control exhaust/emissions through the vehicles computer system, the newer one is OBD-II which is used for cars 1996+.

The main difference between OBD I is that it is less restrictive (in diagnosing) than OBD II, but one can be converted to the other--Skunk2 had some adapters for that I think...

BTW this took about 5 minutes of searching :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

actually,.. they have OBD3 now. - i think.

posted by  3geclipse13087

It's been made, but I'm pretty sure it's not being put in any cars yet:


The whole Big Brother thing does freak me out though...tracking you, I know it's been discussed in a couple of recent threads...

posted by  chris_knows

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