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ok im seeing all these magazinres about how this motor from the type s is soo fast when they put them into the hatchbacks and others. ( the civic hatchbacks) but how come with a new intake manifold, intake, exhaust, and header, that they only run 14.4? hwats the deal with this? im kinda asking.. why is the b18 c faster then the k20 when they both put same hp out? is it the weight of the rsx-s thats holding the car back? and therefor the civic hatch is faster or what?

posted by  vlc92189

The k20a is sucha better motor then any Bseries. even the type R...
The RSX's are just heavy as hell -- i saw a crx with a k20 swap that ran 11's.:clap:

posted by  3geclipse13087

You forget that the B18C swap is more affordable than the K20 swap.

posted by  elchango36

Are you saying a hatch with a B18C1 swap is faster than a RSX-S with a K20a2/z1? Because it should be. The RSX-S weighs over 2800lbs, while most Civic hatches weigh between 2100-2400lbs. Weight alone helps the hatch out a lot.

The K series motor is definatley a step ahead of the B series. The K series responds EXTREMELY well to just bolt ons, and even more-so when you get into changing cams etc...

Matter fact vtec.net drove a RSX-S recently that put down 288 hub horsepower (est. 315 crank hp) and 232 hub torque (est. 258 crank torque) and was N/A. It was still fully streetable too as the cams were stock. They only stroked it out to 2.2L too.

Imagine that, a streetable 2.2L N/A I4 making 315hp and 258tq. Sounds like an F1 motor...for the street!

The K20 also can easily gain 25-30whp with just I/H/E.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The Ariel Atom, powered by a supercharged Honda K20 engine making 300 horsepower on a 456kg.

This very light track car (or heavy go-kart) is powered by a Honda i-VTEC 2.0 engine making 220bhp at 8200rpm and 196Nm of torque at 6100rpm. It redlines at 8600rpm.

What makes it fast? Power to weight ratio of course. Let’s compare. 300bhp for 456kg is roughly 600bhp per 1000kg? A Porsche 911 Carrera has 320bhp and weighs roughly 1350kg. Roughly 237bhp per 1000kg. You do the maths!


posted by  GreekWarrior

yeah i wasnt thinking bout the rsx's weight. thinking that it wasnt that heavy but yeah alright i got it now. because i know if i happend to get one then i couldnt pull the motor out of it and put it in a hatch id most likely have to keep the rsx.

posted by  vlc92189

and one more question.. since the 92-95 eg series has both a hatch and a coupe.. weould the hatch be quicker because its lighter ?

posted by  vlc92189

I wish I had an EG hatch with a K20A engine in it. After seeing one on American Touge I was damn impressed by it's abilities.

posted by  fudge

The only trim level coupe/hatch they had that was the same was the DX (you could also argue the SI, but we didnt get the SI badged version of the coupe here, even though it was badged an SI in Canada, it was just the EX here).

The DX coupe weighs about 130-150lbs more. So it's not a huge difference.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The answers to all your questions
Just for Hatch (http://www.civichatch.com/info/index.php)
95 civic all (http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/spec_engines.aspx?year=1995&make=Honda&m odel=Civic&trimid=-1&src=VIP&tab=2&sub=1)
(I only did this because I have these pages bookmarked, or else I would have told you what I tell everyone else...Your Best Friend (http://www.google.com/))

posted by  elchango36

id take b series over k anyday... dont like that new crap... granted they are powerfull, just ot a fan

posted by  mazda6man

The only 2 logical reasons not to get a K series over a B series is cost and installation....

Other than those two things the K series is a MUCH MUCH better engine.

A 220-230 N/A whp B series motor is basically undriveable on the street. While they have some places squeezing 270whp N/A out of a K series motor and it's EASILY driven o nthe street just like the stock vehicle is.

posted by  thunderbird1100

at what rpm's is that rsx-s making 315 crank hp? and that 258 crank torque? do you have a link to that article? that sounds like ALOT of torque to get out of a 2.2L N/A I4... no matter who makes it, and what's been done to it.

posted by  pik_d

Go to vtec.net and email one of the moderaters there (Jeff or notyper). They both have driven the vehicle and can tell you who built it and exactly what they used. Both Jeff and notyper have brought it up on more than one occasion and both said it's actually a pleasant daily driver even. I dont remember him saying at what rpm it made the 288 hub hp, but it was under 10k rpms. I thought it was mostly impossible, but apparently 315 crank hp and 259tq is not nearly the limit to go N/A in a K series. Now you know why it's the talk of the Honda world. Oh, and they did this for about $8000.

posted by  thunderbird1100

There's no way... maybe 15-20k and needs e85 or race gas and the curve is gonna be shitty

infektious   29 Jan 2013 21:10

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