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im thinking of getting this car and im 95% sure i will within this month
wut i want to know is the differnces of their body within the years they made and the options they got cus over here in the philippines they got both USDM and JDM types
and wut is the difference between the GT APEX and the GT? aswell as the USDM GTS
they usually go around $1000 usd around here, also wut should i watch out for in selecting this car?
are the TRD after market bumpers and side skirts for the ae86 covered over with rubber? or is it just made from plastic or fiber glass?
PLUS what years did they make the ae86?(JDM)

posted by  machspeed

good luck finding one for a thou... with the initial d tax and all the supid "i can DRFT"ers out there, the car is retardedly expensive. the ae86 was made in japan from 1983-1987... you can find a few 84s around here, but there all SR5s... and from canada. look out for rust! big thing on these cars... mostly around the fenders... oh, and with most kids driving these things like theyre "drifter X to the Xstreme". the TRD N2 widebody is just fibreglass, the dont rubber coat anything, ive never even heard of that. heres some info

and heres the corolla model info
JDM info
The AE86 models "rank" in this order:
1. GTV
2. GT
3. SR
4. SE
6. GL

As for the particular difference between the GT-APEX and the GTV, one is more "luxurious" (GT-APEX) and the other is more "sporty" (GTV). GTV's came with manual racks only, while it's an option on the GT-APEX, GT, and I think the SR. GTV's came with our power steering knuckles for quicker steering, while the other have the manual knuckles. Other tidbits include 8-way adjustable seats for GT-APEX's and GTV's, (GT's have 2 way). Also, the GT-APEX came with 13" wheels, while the GTV came with 14's. Other differences include: GT-APEX has time-adjustable intermittent wipers vs. the GTV's non-adjustable intermitten wipers like our GTS's. GTV's also have no door pocket storage compartment. I've heard that the center console near the parking brake are different where the GTV center console is in 2 different pieces, where as the GT-APEX has a connecting tray under the e-brake just like the US models. GTV's also have the little open compartment behind the e-brake just like our SR5's, and the GT-APEX has the little tinted window thing like ours, except the JDM cover opens the other way. GT-APEX is also available in an automatic, while GTV's are manual only. In documentation, the manual GT-Apex is 44 pounds heavier than the GTV, while the auto GT-APEX weighs an additional 50 lbs over the manual GT-APEX. Also, GTV's were only hatches, GT's are only coupes, but GT-APEX's came in both. All other models came in either body i think.

from a forum i frequent.

Whats better? Coupe or Hatch?

Much debating has been done on this, the facts are:
Hatches weigh more by about 40lbs, due to the back hatch. Hatchbacks also have more body roll. Hatches can carry more things they also are belived to be much more aerodynamic.

Coupes are more ridgid, they cant really carry/haul as much around. Lastly, they simply dont have as much of a fanbase as Hatchbacks. If you are making a show car, definatly go with a hatch.

Whats this, Kouki and Zenki talk?
Simply Japanese words decribing order of the said objects release:
Zenki: Early period, First
Chuuki: Middle period
Kouki: Latter period, Final

Whats Faster/Better? A Levin or Trueno?
Neither, they are the same, nothing is better, they bolth weigh praticly the same, some debate that Truenos have better aerodynamics but, untill bolth go into a wind tunnel its unknown.

I really want to get an AE86 from Japan, how much does it cost?
The estimated cost to import a JDM AE86 and prepare it to be in the USA, licenced and registered will cost roughly $6,000USD

Why wont a Zenki LSD fit on a Kouki AE86 or Visa-Versa?
The splines on the axles are different between the years.

How much does an AE86 weigh?
Stock AE86 is somewhere close to:
Depending on whats been removed or if the AE86 an SR5 or GTS acutal weight may vary.

How do I check for LSD on my car?
Three good ways to check: Look on the VIN plate under the hood, if its got "273" after t50 you orginally had LSD. Another way to check is look for a sticker on the rear end that says 'LSD' The last, most time consuming but error free way of checking, unbolt the driveline from the third member, if its got blue paint, you have LSD, if its yellow, its open diff.

How big are the gas tanks in the AE86?
13.2 US Gallons

What is a Blue Top, Red Top, Silver...
First 16v 4AGE released, also known as LowComp, Big Port and Blue top.
Second 16v 4AGE released, oddball model LowComp, Big Port but with high comp bottom end but lower compression pistons.
Third 16v 4AGE released, also knows as HighComp, Small Port and Red top.
Fourth 4AGE released, also first motor to come with 20v and VVT commonly known as the Silver top.
Fifth and final 4AGE released, 20v and came with VVT-I. Commonly known as the Black top

posted by  mazda6man

good stuff mazda6man, i learnt quite a bit in that little post of yours.

a friend of mine is always talking about a kouki eight six, now i know what he means when he say's that giberish.

posted by  HyundaGuy

yeah, ive been into corollas for so long now, ive picked up on soooo much...

posted by  mazda6man

great post, but he sadi eh was in the philipines, so i bet he can get a nice cheap one, but other than that, i now know all of the AE86, lol

posted by  ride3k

i do what i can

posted by  mazda6man

hey thanks mazda6man
i got all the info i need now to find the ae86
im now gonna go on a hunt
and you actually could find 1 for a thousand here in the philippines
if it cost 1 thousand it usually is okay, just a couple scratches but any cheaper than that, its basicly a garbage can
rust will be a big problem though considering that im in a tropical country were it rains a lot.

posted by  machspeed

I know this is a little off topic but, what is the big deal with the Trueno? I mean, in my oppenion, its kinda ugly, and boxy. Why not settle with a MR2 Turbo or a Supra?

posted by  DSMDriver

thats exactly how i want people to look at the car... dont start liking it, its slow, and ugly. the more that like it, the harder it is to get one

posted by  mazda6man

about AE86's if anyones ever played need for speed underground 2 for playstation 2 or whatever. try using the corolla, the handling is crazy, :screwy:
by far the best in the game, someone must know what im talkin about,
i know theres alot of kids on this(*i bet i sound like one now):banghead:

posted by  nighthawk

yep... i cant stand that game. GT4 with the corolla, now thats fun, turn off all the abs and handling settings... doesnt get much better than that

posted by  mazda6man

ill answer this in my opinion
the mr2 and supra over here is more expensive, it MAY be the same were you are at, also its cheaper to maintain, you can fit 5 people inside unlike the mr2 which is a 2 seater, and it saves more gas unlike the supra which has a v6 turrbo
to sum it all up is that it has okay performance, for cheap price, and low maintanance, dont gotta spend much for gas, you know.... just easier
and the looks arent that bad, lotta chicks think its cute if its got a nice paint job, body kit and mags

posted by  machspeed

I guess I see your point. But, I think it is still ugly. I don't wanna drive around a cardboard box. Hahaha :laughing: But seriously, my new Celica is a coupe. I don't like that body style as much as the HB. (Subs won't sound as good either. Had them, don't want 'em again. :banghead: )

posted by  DSMDriver

Wish I have the time to play GT-4, oh well the odd go at Initial D Arcade Stage is the only time I get to drive an AE86 these days:badrazz:

That's quite ironic after seeing Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting his AE86's on the mountain roads 20 years ago(which resulted in getting his license suspended).

The AE86 was always a sought after car in Japan, not many made it to Europe sadly so I think thats why it's expensive. I'll admit that if it wasn't for Initial D I wouldn't have had so much interest in the AE86 or Japanese cars in general, but it's nice to see the respect that it deserves round here these days.

posted by  fudge

well, lets see, Tsuchiya knows how to drive the cars, kids get in them after watching initial d thinking "heel toe heel toe- I CAN DRIFT!" then they go out and get into accidents, screwing up another corolla all because of an overrated cartoon show that hit stupid american kids that do practically anything tv says to do. i dont know if you guys think im harsh when it comes to my thoughts about young wanabe drifters... but go to for sure getting flamed for 1, being a "newb" as i belive its reffered to as, and 2, if you dont know much, and start asking questions, chances are you wont get the answers that youre looking for.

also, ive said this for a long time, but i keep noticing people coming around saying why corollas are so good. machspeed gave a good answer, but i hear/read "corollas are fast, light, and excellent drifting machines" fast? hell no, slow 16 second 1/4 just like a stock civic. light, yeah, they are light, excellent drifting machines, ONLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE THEM! they wont drift for you, unfortunatly there is no drift button (my friends and i joke around about that a lot)

posted by  mazda6man

but yeah, i was getting out of hand. what im trying to say is, dont buy a corolla to drift, learn to drive the car, get comfortable with it, and then start having fun with it, dont go all out, cuz you will wreck it, drifting really isnt easy, its not like pulling the ebrake in your moms camry

posted by  mazda6man

I've been around Club4ag since 2002 and yeah, alot has changed since. Back then people were happy to give advice to newcomers to the scene who asked about drifting(I wished they still had that video of Iida vs Tsuchiya). It was also a cool refuge from the "Fast and Furious" fad at that time. Now the anti-initial D flamers are around it sure loses its appeal.

I saw an episode of Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld on Sunday and he showed the drifting scene on the touge in Japan back in the early nineties. Whats happening back then is sort of happening in the rest of the world now, Keiichi Tsuchiya has trashed a few cars in the past as well when he was learning how to drift.

I'm sure Orido, Taniguichi and other D1 drivers who started out on the touge were inspired to drift after seeing Tsuchiya. But the problem in America is that at 14 you tend to think you can do things because you've seen them on TV or video games. I'm guilty of doing something similar when I was a teenager-thank god the minimum driving age is 17:wink2:

posted by  fudge

drift button hahahah you tell em.
good stuff :clap:

posted by  nighthawk

yeah, i used to have one in my corolla, i dont think i ever told you about it, i would push it, and a dvd screen would pop out of my steeringwheel playing initial d, and my car would just start drifting, was pretty cool

posted by  mazda6man

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