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i looked up the stats and they look almost the same besides just part of an inch for the body on like hight and width or something, but other then that what is the difference? is there any difference in preformance or is it just a different look, or is there really and difference? ok well thanks

posted by  Xenom

gts is killin gt... duel cam 3sgte verses single cam 3sfe... gts takes

posted by  mazda6man

i dont mean to thread jack here , but i was wondering if it is possible to swap the 3sgte motor into a 7th gen celica?

posted by  mx3_monster

yeah, ive seen it done, il try and find you a link...

posted by  mazda6man

ok, to answer the question about the difference. Ok the Gt version is almost the same as the GT-S. The GT-S has all around disc brakes and the Gt only has front. The GT-S also has a better suspension the the GT and if you have a auto GT-S it comes with the ECT button. (Electronic Controled Transmission) Which if you hit it it will give you better acceleration and preformance (but kills your gas). One more minor thing is that the GT-S has a spoiler on it, down side is the car has 550lbs more weight to it. I own a GT and a GT-S and I still think the GT-S has more power. Hope I answered all you question. If I didn't or you have any others please let me know. Thanks, Thost

posted by  thost

so i have a 1990 celica, gt-s 2.2 lt and what i found was inside is a single over head cam :(. ALL TRAC really takes it..

sick90celica   06 Nov 2012 01:40

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