rb25 turbine into rb20 eng. problems

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Hey all i am having a issue i replaced my factory rb20 turbine with a rb25 turbine. Ok i changed it out and now i am having a boost problem. I have a manual boost controller a greddy tvv2 and it plugs into the front of the turbine and the back of the turbine. But the new rb25 turbine it does not have the port on the back portion. Where do i plug it up at. On a r33 br25det car it plugs into the turbine outlet pipe is that where i need to put it?


posted by  dieagonien

wastegate... i think... im not to knowlegable on turbos, but i think it hooks up through the wastegate

posted by  mazda6man

there is no port on the wastgate. i am only boosting at .5 when before i changed out the turbine i was getting 1.0. i tapped a fitting into the turbine inlet pipe just like the rb25 and thats not helping either. any ideas

posted by  dieagonien

u think u could take a pic of the turbo so we may have a look at it and try to guess?

posted by  Inygknok

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