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im getting a new car, and im either looking at a 99 eclipse gsx, or a 04 mazda rx-8.. which car can i make faster? and wich car is better all around?
any other opinions, please share.. thank you

posted by  Guns_10

I'm more of an RX-8 kind of guy, but they are pretty unreliable, especially in the winter...both can be made pretty fast, but is that all you want in a car?...Just modifying capabilities?

Give a better description, and we can probably offer a couple more options :thumbs::2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

the GSX has about 50 billion times as much after market support, especially being a 2g DSM

posted by  ride3k

GSX's are pretty.

The end.

Haha joke. The GSX would be a better choice in my oppenion because of the AWD and turbo mix. Not as good on gas as the lower models. I would guess the rx-8 has more horses but I can't stand rear wheel drive. The rx-8 does have a more crisp looking body style. I still like the GSX better, I hope you got something out of this talk, and if not, then....

:fu: Hahaha.

posted by  DSMDriver

We only have the RX-8 here, but from what I've heard the Mitsubishi sounds like a better choice!

posted by  Cliffy

Considering the rotary problems and the fact a GSX is a lot cheaper, I'd get the GSX.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The GSX is much more upgradable, it's much more reliable, and it's much cheaper... the end.

posted by  Bino

GSX can be made to go faster due to the fact that I really don't think that you'd want to mess around with that rotary engine...

posted by  Golddragoner

aside from cost to run/own/buy

if possible, watch a topgear roadtest video of any car your interested in,
i hope im not advertising, but IMO jeremy clarkson can tell me whats what about any car and ill believe him, its just the way he does things,
i saw a video of him testing an rx8 and he had some extremely good coments
such as ... i hope i can remember this right, but i think he said this was the funnest car to drive fast that hes driven in a long time. good acomplishment I say.

but as for what car to buy, umm ethier sounds good
perhaps i shouldve talked about that haha

posted by  nighthawk

A DSM, reliable?

I'd go with the GSX as well I suppose.

This really has nothing to do with the topic, by why the hell do RX8s have see through sun visors? Doesnt that make them pointless?

posted by  OombaIsBack

Hmmmmmm ~

-- GSX!
Turbo AWD....with endless possibilities any other questions...

Where i am from teh Rx8 is alot more on the rare side though.... But rotaries have alot of potential 2... atleast the old ones did i dont know much about the newer ones....:hi:


posted by  3geclipse13087

id go with the gsx, 1, thyre AWD, 2, aftermarket parts are most likliy to be wayyy cheaper, and i dont trust that new renesance (sp?) rotoary thing

posted by  mazda6man

Definetely go with the GSX. It is probably about twice as cheap, AWD (compared to RWD), turbocharged, and even has more torque. As with any Eclipse, the aftermarket catalog is large.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Oh...I forgot to mention that rotary engines tend to wear out about 4 times faster than the others, just the way they are made...pretty much need replacing/fixing after 70,000km

posted by  Golddragoner

While they are unreliable, the rotary doesn't necessarilly need replacing...depends on the way it was driven, but there's lots that I've seen that have 100K+ miles that run fine...There's people that have gotten them upwards of 200-250K miles...

posted by  chris_knows

yeah, if you take care of it right, you wont have problems. one thing i like about the wankles, isnt it funny how rx7s (dont know about the rx8s) have warning lights for almost everything that can go bad with rotoaries?

posted by  mazda6man

Yes, but the inherent unreilability of the rotary engine was a contributing factor to the demise of the RX7. Car companies don't like cars coming in with 30K miles still under warranty that need a completely new motor... this is far from an isolated tale. I don't have anything against rotary engines, I'm a big fan actually (outside the box thinking), they just are very poor for longevity.

posted by  Bino

It's pretty sad when you think about it...they've been making them (rotaries) for 30 years or so, but they still can't get it reliable....

posted by  chris_knows

GSX all the way. Turbo+AWD compared to a RX-8 with rotary problems. Eclipse has had some problems but it has much more aftermarket exposure than the RX-8. Plus I like the gsx anyways so yeah thats what I would choose.

posted by  Spanky2324

what is ur price range.... the two cars seem to be in a totally different price range... i would say the GSX out of those, but how about a Honda S2000

posted by  V-Tec

I would personally go for the GSX, seeing as how I'm on a budget right now, but somewhere down the road, I'd love to get a rotary. One the RX-8's best qualities is it's ability to send a crankshaft spinning at insane RPM. I love the sound of the twin rotors spooling to 8,000. I'd also like the shot at rebuilding a RX-8, as they aren't especially tightly packed, and would give me something interesting to do.

Besides, the GSX has common problems from crankwalk, and timing belts also. Which one would I go for RIGHT NOW? The GSX. Which would I go for 5 years down the line? The RX-8.

Which car is better all around? Probably a tie. And as for which car can be made faster: I only have one thing to say;
Times don't matter ####. The only thing that matters is how the car gives you the exhilirating thrill of entering a corkscrew at 80, oversteer on your ass. I could give a #### less if my car did a 18 second quarter, as long as it gave me an exciting ride while doing it. Fck the times, it's all about you and your car. Nothing else.

posted by  Godlaus

****in Right!:clap:

posted by  Pythias

It doesn't take a whole lot to get a 4G63 past 9K... just FYI.

posted by  Bino

While rotaries can be impressive in the revs department, it's not like piston motors can't match them.

Afterall, you can go out today, and for the price of a slightly used RX-8 you can pickup a 00-03 S2000 (which BTW - handles better, has more power, and is lighter) and reve that thing to 9500rpm. Came straight from the factory with that rev limiter (redline = 9000rpm). Now to me, that's way more impressive than a stock rotary doing 8000 or even 9000 rpm. Heck even stock K20's do over 8000 with ease, from the factory. They even have some serious built B16 motors doing 12,000rpm. I've seen the K20 touch 10,000rpm and slightly over as well.

Nothing like the 19,000rpm 3.0L V10's used in F1 though:hi:

posted by  thunderbird1100

It's not so much the RPMs that create the sound, but rather the profile of the engine combined with RPMs, BOVs, turbo spooling, etc. etc.

Some of my favorite car sounds are;

-Evo IX climbing through the revs
-Flat engines (particularly the 996 GT3)
-A missed downshift in a ricermobile:mrgreen:

Well, when you have a stroke that's the size of a fingernail....

posted by  Godlaus

The stroke is so short, but yet they still make well in excess of 300tq with only 3.0L of displacement (albeit probably at 15k rpm).

It's a shame next year they are forcing V8's in F1. I think the new engine max is 2.4L. Cars should sound way different. I hear though some manufacturers are producing these V8's to spin OVER 19,000rpm. Honda claims their new F1 motor will do over 19,000rpm and will have about 685-690hp (700ps). Well below what the current V10's are in powe (usually between 850-900hp).

posted by  thunderbird1100

RX-8 ALL THE WAY. The Renesis isn't just another rotary. It was radically redesigned for better engine life, reliability, and durability than it's predecessors (MUCH IMPROVED SEALS). The grip is outstanding. The looks are unique. Much newer. No contest in my book. That, and I despise the thought of FWD based AWD in high traction situations (and probably low traction too). I am pretty particular about cars but this is :2cents:. I really don't think DSM's are any more reliable, especially after boost pushing mods.

posted by  VG30DE

The new RX-8 has yet to prove its long term reliability yet...but results will be up soon enough. Until then, the rotary remains pretty unreliable.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Not sure about long term, but I remember reading a while back in Car & Driver, I'm pretty sure, and they had a brand new RX-8 and over the winter, it had several (3?) starting problems...not too serious, but for a new car, not too good either...

posted by  chris_knows

NO, the renesis is not a "radically redesigned" version of the rotary. They tweaked a few things hoping to improve the motor (mainly the shape and location of the intake/exhaust ports). I've heard several reports of the apex seals failing in the RX8... it's still a rotary. It's a very cool design, but it's inherently unreliable.

posted by  Bino

gsx...more mod capabilities and AWD so its still good in winter and makes it fun in the winter :laughing:

posted by  mnerat

RWD is still awesomely fun in the winter. Really want to jack my friend's Impreza for a night though.

posted by  VG30DE

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