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Ok, so right now I drive a 1994 Integra RS with a 1995 stock motorswap. It's got a few mods (cold air intake, catbac, clutch), but i've been crying for some more power and a more reliable car (its had its run). ANd while i know I could invest in the engine I have (god knows the b18b1 is a great platform), I don't really want to put in 1500 bucks only to have one of the creeping problems blow up in my face (the body's got 220,000 mi...). So anyways, I've been dabbling in selling the car and picking up another Japanese car with the cash from the sell+ some of my cash.

So I'm putting my budget at anywhere from 6-7K range, up to 8k with a little bit of patience. I'm wondering what the best car to go with would be... I want more power, and something that is good stock that I could easily build on when more cash arrived. And most importantly, I need something reliable. After putting 1200 bucks of repairs into my car plus a full service tuneup that caught the problems, I am very weary of worn cars.

I've been thinking about a GSR, but I'm not having much luck finding a decent one down here (southern arizona)... all there is is a bunch of damn LS's. So any suggestions?

posted by  shadowed

There's plenty of options, you just need to do us a favor provide a litle more detail on what it is you want out of your car (acceleration, top speed, handling, gas mileage, reliability, I4, V6, FWD, RWD, AWD, etc.)?

posted by  elchango36

Help us help you, help US help YOU. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

aka asian import... racist

posted by  Stem

GSR is a good idea, but try and find a 1g GSX or AWD TSi.

If you're willing to buy American a 94-97 Camaro Z/28 is well within your budget.

posted by  thunderbird1100

You might be able to pick up a base 3000gt for that much.

posted by  newyorker

??? You could possibly find a VR-4 for that price range with some patience, much less the base model. :screwy:

posted by  Pythias

im with thunderbird on this one. a 1990-1994 tsi or gsx would be a good platform to start with. there are tons of upgrades out there and they are fast to begin with.

posted by  glagon1979

Nissan 300zx
Mitsubishi 3000GT

posted by  ShaolinSniper

Um, he said a sports car, with performance in mind.

Not a heavy FWD grand tourer.

posted by  thunderbird1100

First Gens come with the 6 bolt, so the last longer then the 2nd gen, but for 6 grand i would find a 2g GS and buy a 4g63 6 bolt of the internet and swap it in... then you get the sexy 2g body style, with a fairly new motor that will last 200k miles.... and its FWD so you can hand the AWD their ass on the highway....stock.... plus you get the cheap GS insurance,... all about what you want....
handling - gsx(tsi)
bottom end - gsx
top end -gst
gas mileage - HONDA LoL

posted by  3geclipse13087

umm, define sport buddy. Fast, get up and go? 3kgt beats all of the cars you mentioned. And wth does fwd have to do with it? 1g GSR is fwd? just no, geeze

posted by  ride3k

Ok, sorry I couldn't respond earlier... it seems that my first SN didn't want to work (wouldn't let me sign in at all!). So i made another.

I hate to come off like a litle elitist, but neither the GSX or the Tsi would suit me. I've never been a fan of either of the two, and I really just have a special place in my heart for how much I dislike Eclipses (mainly because there are probably thousands where I live, so I can't go a block without seeing one).

I have been seriously considering and leaning towards the 3kgt or the 300zx... The main problem still posed is that I can't really stumble accross decent ones down here. I mean, I could go up to Phoenix to look, but it starts to become a hassle. But ya, the 3kgt has sparked a lot of interest over the past few days.

Bbasically I want a reasonably fast car (a noticable improvement over my Integra anyways) that looks good, gets a decent gas mileage (I would sacrifice that with the GT though...), wont cost me a bundle, and will run well provided I take care of it. I've had my fill of repairs with this damn integra, though I know that most of them will run forever.

Since the Integra is a FWD, i'm not going to be extremely picky on what drive, though everyone likes an AWD... heheheh.

So I guess I wan't an all-around car. I haven't done too much research into the 300zx and the 3K gt, but I know that they're beasts when used right.

And also, theres always the problem of actually finding the car you want after decided on the type of car you want... Any suggestions on buying a good used car for the right price and such? I kind of took a plunge with my integra and have a love hate relationship going with it. Especially when I have an impecable engine (70K JDM) in a car with enough miles to have driven around the planet ten times.

The last thing that i'd like to ask for some help with is also of course... selling a car thats been modded such as mine. Newer engine, older car (in terms of miles), slightly more basic mods, etc... I don't really know exacly how to market it if I end up going with autotrader if no personal opportunities come through.

Can anyone tell me some more about the 3kgt? Finding a Vr-4 for under 8g's seems like it'd be an almost inmpossible task, at least around here. But how is the SL versus the vr-4 and how much 'down-the-line' work would I need to get it to compare to a vr-4. Remember, i'm still learning about this stuff! I didn't know jack **** about cars 6 months ago. lol.

posted by  shadowedII

You're kidding right?

Sports cars are defined more-so by handling, not how fast they are in a straight line or what their top speed is.

You must be stupid to think a 3400lb FWD 3000GT with a gutless V6 could beat a 2600lb 170hp GSR or 275hp 3300-3400lb RWD Camaro. Even the Camaro handles noticeably better, and the GSR is a light-year ahead in handling. The FWD 3000GT is NOT a sports car, nor a fast car. It's a HEAVY Grand Touring car. No one actually races FWD 3000GTs in the SCCA that I even know of, heck, I cant ever recollect seeing a VR4 they weigh so damned much (3800lbs) and handle so slopily.

What's so funny is the 3000GT SL (the heaviest FWD 3kgt) is FWD with an N/A V6 and it STILL weighs about the same as a RWD Camaro with an iron block LT1 V8. Ouch!

posted by  thunderbird1100

You want to be looking at the RWD 300zx over the FWD 3000gt definatley if you are wanting more performance. The 3000GT is aimed towards the NON-sport car buyers who want a solid car that's decently enough quick but dont give a shit how it handles. The 3000GT is a friggin boat for a FWD (3400lbs for the SL) coupe. The 300ZX N/A actually weighs a little bit less and handles noticeably better (go figure, the lighter RWD car handles better). They both have the same size V6 with about the same power (220hp). Dont even bother trying to find a VR4 for under $8k. If you do it's going to be a 1g VR4 which means it will probably have high mileage which means you probably will be replacing axles (the 28 spline axles in the 1g VR4 are really weak, had 31 spline axles in the 2g). Turning a SL into a VR4 is a waste of time and money. You could just buy a VR4 for a lot less, but again, this is out of your budget, and if you have enough money for a VR4, you SHOULD be looking at a 300ZXTT over that (much better performing car).

Dont forget about the GSR though, it will easily hold its own. I'm 100% sure a GSR would beat up on a 3000GT SL around a road course and it would easily hang with the 300zx N/A. Plus the GSR has useable rear seats.

posted by  thunderbird1100

ok, since when was the v8 camaro a base model? if you want to comapre base to base, why dont you be looking at the v6 then?

heres a quote from them about the BASE model V6 camaro, 94 (closest article i could find more my 3kgt)

now wait a second, thats a... (calculates) 60hp difference! hmm, and its a almost a half a liter bigger engine, wow, hmm, its jsut so much more powerfull!

ok, now lets look at the 320hp VR-4, using your V8 camaro. this is from consumer guide, just backing up your numbers

ok, so we got a 40-50hp difference, not that bad, your gaining. But you still got a almost twice as big engine, so ya, have fun

ok so handling. If you want to explain to me how a AWD car has worse handling than a more toruque happy RWD car, id like to hear it. And the FWD drive, i conceed, might lose to the v6 camaro on a road course, depeneding alot on the course and the turns.

And lets go to your Grand Tourer idea. Are you telling me the Ford GT40 is not a sports car because its a Grand Tourer? thats waht it was designed to do, race in le mans, or do some "Grand touring" geeze, ok, so i want you to give me good hard examples of some of your ideas, and just beacuse a car isnt in the SCCA, dosent mean its not a sports car.

posted by  ride3k

have you ever driven a 3kgt? how about a 300zx? stop talking about how a car handels if you havent driven either.

And if hes looking for a car, ya, spending the money on a GSR would be good, but i bet he finds a cheaper VR4, which will beat the living crap out of an unmodified GSR, and dont even tell me it wont with almost a 100 more horses, and AWD you gota be kidding. And If you want a cheap VR4, come out here to SD, i see them for under 8k often, but i dont have that money.

posted by  ride3k

Ok, so lets say I wanted to go with a 3kgt or a 300zx... Around here, it's looking that non-turbo's are going to be the only thing in my pricerange, unless I want a 1991 300zxTT with two turbos "in need of repair". There just isn't an abudance of vr-4's or TT's here under 10g's.

What should I be looking for... I mean, the folks still have a say in whatever car I get, since they helped me buy my integra (and they don't want to hear the words "older than my car"). Plus, depending on what I get and if the parents are satisfied, they might help me out since my birthday and graduation are both a-nearing.

So ya, any help with these two particular cars? I needn't any on the GSR, i've done pleanty of research and I already own an RS. I could get a 1995 GSR with 130k mi. in need of a new clutch, paintjob, and tires for 3,500 if I desperatly wanted (friends car)... but I would rather stray from another car that needs repairs due to misuse (plus thats higher mileage than i like).

So ya, more takes on the 3kgt and the 300zx? Both turbo and non-turbo...

posted by  shadowedII

have u considered the Rx-7? As for the integras i have an 96 Ls and i bought it for 5k ( without taxes and all the fees) with under 70k miles... So i think u could easily find a GSR with like 70k miles for 8k... Just be patient, look for a car and buy it only when u know it's the right one... I turned 16 in december but started looking for a car in like June. The whole summer while working i would look at cars. Then finally after looking at tons of cars i found my integra... which was 1 owner, 69k miles, babied, Clean, stock ( except sound system) perfect condition....I wanted to buy cars right away but i learned i have to be patient or i would get screwed over....

posted by  V-Tec

We arent living in 1994. The reason why we are comparing a 3000GT SL to a Camaro Z/28 of the same year is because TODAY they run about the same price (Afterall this is what he is buying...TODAY). You can pickup a 94-95 LT1 Camaro for about $5000-$6000, about the same goes for a 3000GT SL, try and find a 2g VR4 for under $10,000 that is in any decent condition...

Irrelevant. Why are you comparing a Camaro that you can pickup for $2000-$3000 today and a 3000GT that will run you twice as much? That's why we're comparing the LT1 Camaro to the 3000GT, they are about the same price. I find it funny you didnt even compare the 3.8L V6 Camaro (200hp) though, had to choose the most underpowered model. But still, Irrelevant.

The VR4 costs about twice as much to get today from the same model year as the Camaro Z/28 (94 Z/28 vs. 94 VR4). Again a 2g VR4 is about $10k while a 94-95 Camaro Z/28 runs in the $5k-$6k range.

What a moron. So I guess all AWD cars have better handling than high torque RWD cars (the Viper must be the worst handling car in the world with 520ft-lbs of torque, NOT)! Please, join reality. The 3000GT VR4 is HEAVY (3800lbs nearly), it isnt tuned for sporty handling at all. It's a large coupe tuned for subtle yet more than your typical family sedan aggressive handling. It isn't going to outhandle many cars at all. Matter fact, a WS6 package F-Body would make a VR4 look silly around a road course. The WS6 (and heck the F-body itself) is known for being a better handling car than most suspect.

The GT40 (or Ford GT) is not a Grand Tourer. It's about everything anybody would want in a sports car. Just because a car has "GT" in the name doesnt mean it's a GRAND TOURING car. The Mustang GT is not a grand tourer, rather a pony car. A grand touring car is defined usually by its size (larger than your average vehicle) and better than average handling, but certainly not true sports car handling.

If a car like the 3000GT isn't in the SCCA that means one thing, it certainly doesnt make a good race vehicle, and is not a sports car. Show me how many grand touring cars are in the SCCA (not the NAME, rather the characteristics of the car qualify it as Grand Touring). There are none...Why? They are heavier and and more loose in handling than your average sports car.

Got it all now?

posted by  thunderbird1100

I OWNED a 1992 300ZXTT for quite a while (Suprised you never noticed, always was i nmy sig until it was recently sold). The 300ZXTT is more-so a Grand Touring car rather than sports car (mostly due to weight, 3500lbs), but it's definatley more sporty than a 3800lb VR4.

And yes, I've driven SEVERAL 3kGT's. Including a 1g and 2g VR4 and a 2g SL. They are nothing close to sports cars. They all handled pretty sloppily even compared to when my 300ZXTT was stock. You can tell your hauling around 3800lbs when you're driving a VR4.

A GSR isnt even CLOSE in price to a VR4! You can get 94-97 GSR's for $4000-$8000 all day long, matter fact you'd be hard pressed to find one above $8000. You probably can, or two VR4's for about $8000. But they arent going to be 2g's (will be 1g's, probably 91-92ish) and they will have a rediculous amount of miles on them.

This is why most everyone in the thread is saying he can only afford a FWD 3000GT, because a 3000GT VR4 in decent shape is OUT of his price range. VR4's run $10k+ for even decent ones with decent mileage.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Ok, so are you recommending a 300zxTT over a GSR? I haven't had the pleasure of driving either, but i know how everything in an integra handles minus the extra kick in the GSR. And how would a 300zx non-turbo compare to a stock GSR...? Because those are likely to be in the same basic pricerange around here.

posted by  shadowedII

i think if it's not turbo 300zx then i rather take the GSR however if it's twin turbo i would take the 300zx... Like i said before if u could find a 93-95 RX-7 that would be nice... watch out for rotary engine problems....

posted by  V-Tec

in aus u can get an sr20det s13 for about $6000.

posted by  HyundaGuy

That's why I love australia. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I'm not recommending anything over anything.

The GSR is a little bit more sport oriented than a 300zx N/A. Forget the TT model, it's out of your price range.

The GSR and 300zx will be about as quick as one another.

Go drive both and see what you like better, light less powerful FWD or heavy more powerful RWD.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Whoa whoa whoa.... He's not going to find a FD RX-7 for anywhere near his price. FD RX-7's START about twice what he really wants to spend (mid teens).

posted by  thunderbird1100

really? i remember back in november when i was buying my teg i saw a couple for like 9k-11k with like 90k miles

posted by  V-Tec

I can get one for $6K........ but only for racing. :doh:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Something was wrong with them.

We got my girlfriend's RX-7 for a bit over that, and it's the kind you want to buy (one with way less than 100k miles).

90k miles on those cars is scary.

On autotrader i only found SEVEN FD RX-7's within 100 miles of my zipcode (basically Atlanta).

The cheapest one that lists mileage is $12,500, has 120k miles and is modded. So it's obviously the cheapest for two reasons, slightly modded and mileage). Buy a 100k or 120k FD RX7 is a big mistake.

If anything I'd suggest finding one with between 40-60k miles as those are much safer miles. Which start at about $15k.

posted by  thunderbird1100

around here, 90's models with low mileage are sitting at $20k... I think i say a $24k on there too.

i'm pretty sure that buying an RX7 that cost less than $15k is really just asking for a problem.

posted by  shadowedII

Just the FD is overpriced (1993-1995). You can get 1992 FC Turbo II's for $4000-$5000 no problem.

posted by  thunderbird1100

3000GT would be a great sports car. I bought one recently that needs to be fixed up a little bit; but overall its worth it. Heres a little fact about 3000GT(O) Ferrari first called a car GTO in 1962 then Pontiac in 1964, then Mitsubishi in 1970
The terms 'GTO' and 'GT' are European racing classifications. The Italian term, 'Gran Turismo Omologato', means Grand Touring class production vehicle, homologated for racing. The name came to mean a large, high-performance sports car comfortable enough for long trips or 'touring', as opposed to the smaller, less comfortable 2-seater 'true' sports car. Among the Stealth/GTO/3000GT family of cars, all of the DOHC models (both turbos and non-turbos) are in the racing class, 'GTO'. The SOHC models are in the class, 'GT'.
Yup, that's right... the 3000GT is misnamed! Except for the SOHCs, the 3000GT is not in the 'GT' class at all, but more correctly, in the 'GTO' class.

posted by  nightroad

Ack as we just discussed and cleared this up you post this!!!



There is a major difference between the two.

GT cars tend to be much heavier, and do not handle as good.

posted by  thunderbird1100

DID YOU NOT READ DIPSHIT it is not a GT car jesus f***ing christ.

ANd you dont live in a great place to buy a car if you can find a 94 z28 for the same price as a SL, one is over priced and th oter is underpriced. I can find a decent condition Cali driven Vr4 for less than 10k, easy. On ly reason i dont have one is my dad dosent want me to have any more than 250 horsies for my first car. And the Viper DOES NOT HANDLE WELL damn. It is fun to drive on a road course yes, but compared to driving the SRT4 right afterwards, it seemed like a boat. Imagine the Viper on a AWD platform, oh sweet jesus fun.

posted by  ride3k

First off, you're the new moron on the board.

- The 3000GT is a GRAND TOURING vehicle, not a SPORTS CAR. A Grand Touring vehicle has sports car attributes but are heavier, offer more luxury and dont handle as well as a sports car.

- You have got to be the biggest moron on this board by saying the Viper handles like a boat (therefore handles bad). The Viper is one of the better handling cars of the WORLD.

- I found 4 Z/28's (1994-1996) in the Atlanta area using my zipcode (30281) with a 100mi radius on AUTOTRADER with the "underpriced" price of $5000-$6000. There goes your argument.

- I said you cant find a decent 2g VR4 for under $10k, which you cant. 1g sure, 2g no. Afterall by 1994 the VR4 was already in 2g form.

- I found not one 2g VR4 using the "overpriced" price limit of $10,000 within 100mi of Atlanta on autotrader. Using $10,000 as my minimum, I found 5 VR4's.

- Average price for a similar year 3000GT SL to the Camaros I said above on autotrader within 100 mi of Atlanta, about $5000-$6000. The same damn price.


posted by  thunderbird1100

did you not read? i said after driving in an SRT4 the vi[per handeled like a boat, and yes i could tell b/c i drove the srt and than was in the vi[per, right after each other, im not downing the abilities of the viper, one of my favorite cars, im just saying it dosent have the ultimate suspension for what you call a sports car

ok, your jus backing up my thoughts, WHERE YOU LIVE the avg price for a 94 z28 is very very low, and the price for the SL is very very high

EXAMPLE: my car, purchased for less than half of what your posted average 3kgt price, i cant find a z28 for anything under 8k, with a relatively decent millage number (under 125k)

its ok if you dont like to read, just dont call me a moron b/c you dont read the whole post

posted by  ride3k

$5000-$6000 for a Z/28 isnt very very low, it's very very about right (if not above). In fact the kbb private party value for a good condition 93,000 mile 94 Camaro (93k because that's the average so says kbb) is just above $4200. So really they are getting OVER market value slightly. $5000-$6000 is by no means UNDERPRICED (most cars in atlanta are UPPRICED anyways, so there goes your entire argument). And I didnt slump on options either, I added leather, T-Bar roof, premium sound, rear spoiler etc...

I did a 1994 3000GT SL with 93,000 miles in good condition and it came up with $5700 as the private party value (a 94 SL actually has a higher market value than similar mileage same year Z/28!). Wow you mean the market value actually just about matches what I'm getting back form autotrader and not these insanely low "averages" you claim for the 3kGT?

Just for sh*ts and giggles I did a 1994 3000GT VR4 with 93,000 miles in good condition and the market value was :drum roll:...$8500. Go figure like I said most cars in Atlanta are slightly up-priced and therefore the average VR4 is a bit over $10k. See kbb doesnt work as well for rare vehicles (and yes, the VR4 is pretty rare). But for a Z/28 and SL 3000GT it wasnt far off at all. And people wont be getting anything below $10k for a 2g VR4 here. You'd be nuts to put a 2g VR4 on the market here for anything less than $10k.

Again you're a MORON for saying the Viper handles like a boat compared to the SRT4, you obviously have NEVER once driven a Viper. If ChrisV or the hobo saw that you typed this they would riot.

BTW - you DID "diss the handling abilities" of the Viper, because said, and I quote...

Enough said...

posted by  thunderbird1100

Oh, now that's just stupid. If you really think that, then you can't drive. And you have very little experinece in GT cars in general, or high power race cars.

THis is me in my buddy's Viper:

I've driven a few out on the track and on autocross courses, and they handle just fine. I've been road racing and autocrossing ofr 25 years, and driven everything from Pintos to Porsche GT3s on the track, so I have a bit of f*cking experience in what does and doesn't handle well. The Viper outhandles the SRT-4 (which is a good car in it's own right once it is equipped with an LSD, like the later ones are).

OTOH, the Viper GTS is a GT car. It's a pure GT car as it's based on a true sports car, the original Viper (and the original Viper was also one of the last true roadsters on the market, in that it was a 2 seat, open car with no side windows).

posted by  ChrisV

I'm going to assume you got my PM.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yeah, thanks for the heads-up. :thumbs:

posted by  ChrisV

ok, im not arguing with experience, im going from the 100's of drives around willow springs, and button willow road courses in both a viper and an SRT4, after driving the SRT4 it felt like i had more control through a turn than the viper, thats just how i felt

and thunderbird, again you didnt read my WHOLE post, here is the whole section on where i "dissed" the viper

now, the boat comment, a huge overstatement but i was comparing how i felt in the VIper after going in an SRT4

and just so you know, my dad owns a viper, and is currently getting the suspension and brakes uped to racing caliber(i.e. the comp coupe setup) i dont think you can touch its handling after that

just try and read the whole post PLEASE

EDIT: OH ya, your overpricing bs, if you think kbb is goo for cars 12yrs old wiht 100k miles on em, check your facts man. And back to this not readig thing, im comparing to what i can get IN SAN DIEGO i dont give a shit about atlanta

posted by  ride3k let's sift through all this.

We know you have never driven a Viper, it's obvious. Either that or you just dont know how to drive a high powered RWD car that handles EXTREMELY well. You definatley have never driven around the Streets of Willow, that much is probably true too.

You said the Viper handles bad, bottom line. You lose.

Kbb is pretty damn accurate for any year car from the past year to probably most of the way into the 80's. Any car that isnt RARE or in HIGH DEMAND will have an average market price that should match the kbb price pretty closely.

And I have proved that, and you have yet to prove otherwise (found 4 Z/28's in my area between $5000-$6000, almost all the SL's fell around the same price for the same year). What makes you think prices are dramatically different in a big city like San Diego over a big city like Atlanta for pretty widely available LT1 Camaros or FWD 3000GTs. The 3000GT VR4 has a low price on kbb simply because it's a rare car, and kbb always gives low prices for rarer vehicles (like a GNX, or Mustang Cobra R...etc).

I only used my zip code because I know it off the top of my head (I could give two sh*ts less about San Diego), and proved you completely wrong about what YOU said the prices were for a Z/28 and 3000GT's "in general".

Anyways, I took the time to prove you more wrong, here are results on autotrader from within 100 miles of the San Diego zip code of 92126...

$6000 - _year=1997&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=92126& certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_year =1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=88 _year=1994&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=92126& certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_year =1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=88 _year=1997&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=92126& certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_year =1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=88

$5600 - ar_year=1996&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=9212 6&certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_ye ar=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=92 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=9212 6&certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_ye ar=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=77

$5500 - ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=9212 6&certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_ye ar=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=100 ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=CHEV&distance=100&model=CAM&address=9212 6&certified=&advanced=&max_price=6000&bkms=1139989613507&min_price=1&end_ye ar=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=99 ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=9212 6&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_ record=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=75 r_year=1996&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=92126 &advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_r ecord=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardis t=0

$5300 - ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=9212 6&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_ record=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=100 _year=1997&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=92126& advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_re cord=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardist =88

$5200 - ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=9212 6&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_ record=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=87

$5000 - ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=9212 6&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_ record=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=100 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=CHEV&model=CAM&distance=100&address=9212 6&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1139989613507&max_price=6000&min_price=1&first_ record=26&end_year=1997&start_year=1994&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=72

What's that I hear? OH the sound of you getting OWNED!

posted by  thunderbird1100

RIDE3K Its time for you to stfu and listen to those who have experience that you claim to have, but simply don't.

posted by  Pythias

I took more time to prove you even more wrong ride3k, isnt this fun? Same San Diego zipcode as above and within a 100mi radius. All these 3000GT's were around the same year as the Camaros above (94-96 mostly).

3000GT FWD

-$7000 r_year=1994&search_type=both&make=MIT&model=3000GT&distance=100&address=921 26&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1140029065331&max_price=&min_price=5000&first_ record=26&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&cardi st=96 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=MIT&model=3000GT&distance=100&address=92 126&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1140029065331&max_price=&min_price=5000&first _record=26&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&card ist=21

-$6500 ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&card ist=2 _year=1995&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=9212 6&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first_r ecord=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&cardis t=75

-$5900 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&card ist=96

-$5800 ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&card ist=15

-$5500 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&card ist=84

-$5200 ar_year=1995&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=51&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=50&lang=en&card ist=77

And $5200 was the LOWEST PRICE for a 2g FWD 3000GT under featured listings. And many of those 3000GT's above have well over 100k miles (many in the 110s/120s and 130s) so they had about the same mileage as the LT1 Camaros I posted above. So what does this show, oh, it seems the FWD 3000GT is even slightly more expensive or about the same price than a similar year, similar mileage LT1 Camaro.

BTW - this was the absolute CHEAPEST VR4 that had a picture and wasn't screwed was a 1g, obviously. ar_year=1992&search_type=both&make=MIT&model=3000GT&distance=100&address=92 126&advanced=&certified=&bkms=1140029065331&max_price=&min_price=5000&first _record=26&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=25&lang=en&card ist=91

So lets see the CHEAPEST VR4 is $9,, a bit above what you said for the average.

Now, lets find the cheapest 2g VR4... ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=MIT&distance=100&model=3000GT&address=92 126&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1140029065331&min_price=5000&first _record=1&end_year=2007&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=0&lang=en&cardis t=100

Wow, a 94 w/ 106k miles....$13,000!

posted by  thunderbird1100

again not listening, and i dont give a shit anymore, no i havent driven the viper, i said that if you would have read, and where the **** did i say i drove around the streets of willow? button willow and willow springs are two popular road tracks on the viper racing circut, ive been to both and have driven an SRT4 on both, and riden in a viper, on both. i dont no where 92126 is but maybe its close by i dont no, dont give a crap, and you obviously have way to much time on your hands, im saying what i thought, my opinons, and you attack them as wrong? but when i attack yours get act like a ****ing girl and bitch to everyone you know? grow up and get a life man

oh, and go ahead have fun flaming me, i wont even look at this dumb shit nemore

posted by  ride3k

Oh so now you have just riden in the Viper? How do you know how well it handles? The driver could have been a bad one. Once again stfu and get out you contribute nothing but pointless claimed drivel to this forum anymore. Your just pissed off becuase you were proved wrong, and are in essence acting like a b*itch yourself, did you realize that?

posted by  Pythias

I believe this is sound of a person that has gotten...PWN3D!

Sorry I proved you wrong on everything you said. I know it hurts and you dont want to believe you are wrong when presented with facts. You didnt present opinions, you presented a bunch of false misleading information on the prices of vehicles. I presented you with raw facts and ACTUAL prices of the vehicles in my area, and yours. 92126 is somewhere around San Diego, and since i searched within 100mi of it, it should include exactly where you live if you live in san diego and every other san diego zip code.

Now you're said the Viper felt like a boat and didnt handle well, that means you MUST have driven the vehicle, as you cant say anything about a vehicles handling until you actually DRIVE it, not RIDE in it.

It's funny you had to go and do your little cute and uneducated rants like "get a life" (really meaning, please stop proving me wrong!) and you are acting "like a girl" blah blah... typical when a person has completely lost an argument and has to try and get their last words in.

I have too much time on my hands? Get real, I'm taking 18 hours in college right now (max you CAN take) and do some work on the side. Posts where I posted all those prices and links took me a matter of 5 maybe 10 min max. Hardly anytime at all to prove a flaming idiot wrong.

And please, learn some grammar...

"I dont no" - KNOW
"riden" - RIDDEN
"i attack yours get act like" - you completely lost me there, not even a fragment, more like 6 words grouped together.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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