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for the first time in my life i read up on a supra and i just cant believe that people are pushing 900+hp out of a 3.0L V6. Do they really do that or am I being stupid?

posted by  bebopin64

I think it's been done, but it's a bit ambitious!.....arn't Supra's straight six's?

posted by  Cliffy

yea, i saw a video of an 800hp supra that broke into the 8's. then i think it eventually made it close to the 6's... it was insane.

posted by  shadowedII

lol 800hp? Street supra's have that much, a lot of the drag supras are pushing the 1300hp mark.

posted by  GreekWarrior

Yeah that 2jz is a bad mofo. Straight up highway killers. 800hp in a Supra is really not that big a deal, they are known for being dyno queens. High times in the quarter vs HP but HIGH speed demons!

posted by  TokyoJoe

Yeah, I think a member on this Forum (Ignyknok) was limiting his Supra to 437hp :laughing:...Just shows you how much they can do...

posted by  chris_knows

Ive seen 1000+ horsepower supras.

posted by  newyorker

I'v eseen Supras running big hp numbers on dynosa, and running actual times vastly slower than those numbers woudl suggest. In fact, the fastest Supras actually have relatively low dyno numbers (in the 500-550 hp range).

there's an old joke: what do 500 hp, 600 hp, 800 hp, and 1000 hp Supras have in common? They all run 10s in the quarter... ;)

Supra owners with big hp don't run in events where they might be competetive, they don't run in road racing, they don't run hill climbs, or HPDEs. They say it's too expensive, and they are afraid fo breaking their cars. But people with Porsches, Ferraris, Vipers, and Corvettes run. There are more Mustangs road racing and doing hillclimbs (which are solo road race events up twisty mountain roads) than there are Supras, and Mustangs aren't supposed to be any good at it. And domestic, normally aspirated V8 cars are running quicker drag times with less hp. Supra drivers tend to be insular and make a lot of claims, but don't back them up with actual event results, with painfully few exceptions. Makes them look like dyno queens.

I've seen Supras put up good dyno numbers, but they immediately turn down the boost to drive home.

I like Supras. They are excellent GT cars. But they dont', in general, liv eup to their easy street hp reputation. If they did do what they claimed, they'd be the car of choice in many more venues that they are allowed into.

posted by  ChrisV

lol, looks like i came back once again just in time. its not that im limiting it.... i just dont want to break it yet.

to be honest, im sure some of u remember that i was planning on buying a mercedes a while back. i checked it out and it just may have a blown head or something bad going on. it was leaking oil through the head around the area of the first 2 cylinders. the spark plugs were also covered in too much oil. so i scratched out that idea.

since then, i decided to just listen to my mother (for once) and buy a new car. i would love to get a scion xB by summer and finish the Supra by christmas, if possible. ive been doing a lot of thinking and talking with the machine shop guy. we went to a guy here in PR that has a good reputation tuning cars professionally. if the deal goes out as i hope it does, and i get my xB, then we will try to push atleast 410hp to the wheels for a while. then next year ill get some clevite bearings and a better oil pump and try to push the car to around 460 to the wheels (which should be a bit over 500 on the engine.... estimated at least).

its not gonna be easy, but i know its doable without THAT much work. plus, its all in the tuning. if i dont manage to reach it, its cuz i said no to the idea. i do want it tuned with a reliable curve, not a power-only curve. 400+ hp is nothing if the car is only going to last a few weeks.

posted by  Inygknok

Most of the high horsepower mkIV supras are dyno/freeway queens. They are very nice cars though, and I wouldn't mind having a 1000 horsepower supra that only ran 10's....cause id still have 1000 HORSEPOWER...Know what im sayin?

posted by  Zalight

obviously..... i think im the biggest supra fan around here, and yet, i really dont like the idea of 600-1000hp supras having one thing in common.... they tend to do 10's. not all of course, since there are those with 800+hp that DO much better ET's on the 1/4 mile.

still, if your car has 1000hp, it really should do better than 10's (unless its some heavy ass beast that weighs more than 2 tons). supras are heavy, but MK4's weigh just around 3200-3300 pounds. its really not that much.

i dont know if u guys have seen it, but here in PR there is a subaru STi from Big Valley Auto. it last ran a 9.6 i think it was..... anyhow. AWD and around 800+hp to the wheels (around that area)..... and then there's the one we call "La Pulga" (the flea) which runs 9.2-9.3 and the MK3 Supra owned by "Fito" which runs the same (full interiors), and they dont have as much power as the STi. i think La Pulga has around 500 and the Supra has a bit over 700.

i think u get the point from my explanation.

posted by  Inygknok

I always had the impression MKIV TT models were well over 3400lbs and some over 3500lbs. I know the N/A models were a touch over 3200lbs.

For instance, 1996 Supra...

N/A - 3215lbs

TT - 3485lbs

posted by  thunderbird1100

yea.... i really gotta stop posting while doing homework :P

posted by  Inygknok

heh, that's ok, your mkIII weighs more than the mkIV ;)

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

u know, im actually dying to find out how much it weighs once i get it running again. supposedly (according to the manuals), it should weigh around 3,600 pounds, but im actually happy with that weight. keeps me safe just in case anything happens to me on the streets.

posted by  Inygknok

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