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3si's forum registration gives me the message- administrator has banned this e-mail address. I've never registered at 3si's forum and I'd like to know what I have to do to be able to register and get started on asking questions for my car? thanks

posted by  nightroad

make a new email address? get a google invite, or make a yahoo email address...

although... i have NO idea why you're asking here.. and more specifically in asian imports. :screwy:

posted by  pik_d

well, odd question to ask here, but asain imports b/c its a 3kGT/stealth club?

posted by  ride3k

3si.org is for 3000GT and stealth cars. They are more experienced and have a larger amount of knowledge on this types of cars. So I think it would be appropriate for it to be in the asian imports since 3000GT like mine came from JAPAN.

posted by  nightroad

well... seeing as the issue wasn't even about the car itself, wouldn't this thread be more at home in "off topic"?

posted by  pik_d

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