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So I'm still looking for cars and am bumping up my funding bracket, mostly due to the most recent problem with my car (thermostat, cooling hose, throttle reg. trashed), and the fact that my parents are willing to spot me some additional cash. SO ya, provided I sell my car, toss in my current bank account, and pray for some high school graduation/upcoming birthday happiness, and go into debt with the folks, I'm looking in the 8-14k bracket.

So ya, I've been looking at like the 1999 Impreza's (and drooling over a 2002 wrx), or the 2004 lancer ralliart. Theres actually 2 lancers at a dealer down the street with 13k miles for just a tad under $14k. The parents want a new car for me, since they are tired with all the damn repairs on my 94 integra. I guess the key is low mileage and newer car. heheh.

So say it was between the Impreza coupe and the Lancer Oz-rally... Where would I get the most bang for my buck + most room for future expansion on the car?

posted by  shadowedII

OZ rally is a piece. Impreza all the way, until you get into EVO territory. Maybe Rallyart, but NOT OZ.

posted by  VG30DE

the oz is an evo with a tuned down computer and no turbo, for expansion, id go with the lancer, but bang for the buick, go with the impreza, if you save up also, the impreza will get you more bang, but costs more buck

EDIT: totaly disregard that, i thought the standard lancers had the 4g63, but i found out they got a 4g93 or sumtin, so i dont no about upgrades for that engine, but otherwise, take the impreza

posted by  ride3k

If you were talking about Evo versus the impreza I'd say Evo hands down. But in this case I'd say go for the Impreza.:smoke:

posted by  speeder

It just seems like this thread comes back again, and again, and again.....

posted by  Voda48

well atleast it's not sti vs. evo this time... something actually unique.

either way, take the wrx over any non-evo lancer. :thumbs:

posted by  pik_d

I agree with what's been said so far. We only get the Evo version of the Lancer over here (or have done for a few years anyway), but I'd imagine a non-Turbo'd 'Evo' would be a pretty unrefined and slow example lol. So yeah, go with the Impreza! If we were talking proper Lancers, then I'd recommend that!...but we're not lol

posted by  Cliffy

We get a 120hp SOHC 2.0L Lancer ES or 120hp SOHC 2.0L Lancer OZ Rally Ed. (basically a Lancer ES with 15" OZ wheels). The OZ performs no better than the ES as they share the same exact tires and suspension (even brakes are exactly the same). The next step up is a 162hp SOHC 2.4L Lancer Ralliart, it handles better than the base models because of bigger better tires (205 vs 195 rubber), has a front strut tower brace (the base models lack this), and a fatter front sway bar (26mm vs. 24mm).

Then we get into the EVO models...all of which have the same exact power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yea, I messed up and put down OZ, but I meant to put down the ralliart lancer. *whoops*.

Still the same consensus I gather?

(and ya, you won't be getting any Evo vs. STi questions from me... I already have done my research there and besides, my pockets don't go nearly that deep.)

I found a 2000 Impreza RS close by (well, 100 mi. but whatever) with a lot of mods... Though i can't really bear the thought of another modded car, since they're always driven hard.

posted by  shadowedII

Personally, if you're going for performance the Ralliart would be quicker and probably handle slightly better than an Impreza RS. Remember, the Impreza RS is pretty damn slow with only 165hp and AWD. That's just too little power for a 50/50 AWD drivetrain with its weight. The Impreza RS is a 16 second car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

go with the ralliart, its a lil more sporty, more get up and go, but i dont no its drivetrain so if u like AWD (and assuming raliart isnt) go with the impreza, slow, but nice car none the less

posted by  ride3k

Your Evo's have identical power?....I'm sure we have a 280bhp and a 320bhp (FQ320?) Evo

posted by  Cliffy

we dont have any evo's over here with FXxxx names...

we have the evolution rs, IX, and MR edition.

the rs is ment to look like a sleeper (well... if someone doesn't recognize an evo, then :screwy: ), as it doesnt have the extra apendage sittin on the trunk (boot, for you) :mrgreen:

the IX is the "normal" evo

and the MR is the top of the class, the only one sporting a 6-speed, and i'm sure a handful of other such added bonus's.

posted by  pik_d

I know you guys get different power level "FQ" models. But we dont.

You guys get...
FQ-300 - 305bhp
FQ-320 - 326bhp
FQ-340 - 345bhp

Our EVO's all have 286bhp and 289tq.

Ours come in three trims...

EVO RS - $29,149
EVO IX - $31,399
EVO MR - $36,299

posted by  thunderbird1100

Check my sig

posted by  newyorker

EVO's and STi's aren't important here. What is important is Ralliart vs. 2.5RS. I would say 2.5 RS.

posted by  VG30DE

We were only talking about the EVO to cliffy, because he was wondering why we get only the same power level EVO here in the states (just in different trim levels), while in England they get multiple power level versions.

I already told the original poster what I think he/she should get, which would be the Ralliart.

posted by  thunderbird1100

You tell him lol!

We also get the MR over here, too:thumbs:

I'm starting to think you are a Dodge employee trying to plug their products lol:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

Im just a big fan

posted by  newyorker

Of even the Stratus:laughing: ?

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yes...:banghead: I just like the Neon because a. i drive one and b. its pretty zippy. Ive kept up with cars that I didnt think I could. The srt-4 is a whole different story

posted by  newyorker

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