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is there any difference between the 1995 3kgt and the 1999 3kgt body style.. or any differences at all?

posted by  Guns_10

Yes, the whole entire front fascia was made over and it got new headlights. The VR4 had a big aluminum spoiler. The '99 VR4 was also the lightest (among the 2g hatches), coming in at 3737lbs. Basically, it was still a pig, but not as much as earlier models (which came in right at 3800lbs).

Another major difference is trying to find a 99 VR4 might prove difficult as they only sold 287 VR4's, and finding one with a low price is impossible. They only sold 3267 3000GT's total in 1999, among the VR4's sold were 1936 base models and 1044 SL's. In 1995 they sold 1311 VR4's in 1995.

posted by  thunderbird1100

rofl. Find some pictures on google. BIG DIF. The 99 3KGT, as much as I hate to admit, is one of the most beautiful cars ever. imo.

posted by  VG30DE

While I always loved the look of the post 93 3000GT VR4's, I just couldnt bring myself to buy a 3800lb GT car over the 1992 300ZXTT I bought.

posted by  thunderbird1100

VG30DETT! sweet. Less is more, when it comes to fatass 3KGT's. I would imagine those convertibles would be even heavier. I am one to talk tho. My car weight 3500 lbs. But at least it is RWD. JDM J30's had TT or V8 option. I can only dream... Maybe I should change my name to VH41DE.

posted by  VG30DE

biggest noticable difference is the front end and the wing, here is a 99 front end


and here is two 96's

http://www.3sxperformance.com/customers/PeterYaghi/charlotte-gathering-2001 -109-400.jpg

the first one is a conversion, but thats waht the 99 front end is, exactly, and the wings on the 99's, IMHO were freaking ridiculos looking

posted by  ride3k

The convertibles were over 3900lbs. They were HARD TOP convertibles. The VR4 coupes were almost 3800lbs.

MY 92 300ZXTT was only 3474lbs:hi:

Still, 300lbs less than a 3kGT VR4 means 300ZX PWNS the 3kGT VR4. I remember when my 300zxtt WAS stock and I raced a few 2g VR4's. The VR4 would kill me through 1st and by the end of 2nd I was already on it's tail. By the end of 3rd I could clearly see it in my sideview mirror. On highway if I did a pull with one it was laughable for the 3kGT...sucks to be so heavy and have AWD!

posted by  thunderbird1100

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