Toyota corolla '96' won't start

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My wife's 1996 toyota corolla stoped on the highway after she heard this blast sound and smoke, As soon as I came over I stright went to check her oil, there was nothing thereat all, her oil change due like a month or two ago. I fill some oil o the car but the car never started again. when yo start the car it make this knocking sount kinda like the battery is verry low but more louder. Please help is the engine knocked or what, I need to know before I take it to the shop or selll it

posted by  fammic

Milage? Trans? Could maybe be the headgasket, but I tihnk the car runs with that still.....maybe she blew sometihng in the internals?

posted by  newyorker

Well if it were the headgasket it could be hydro locked (and so it won't start/run), or if there was no oil I think it could be seized (as there wouldn't be any lubrication).

posted by  car_crazy89

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