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ive been looking around for a stock 1995 3000gt SL's top speed, but have had no luck.. ive found that the 95 vr4 is around 160 or so.. anybody know the sl's? thanks!

posted by  Guns_10

My guess is about 135mph with stock everything. not much over that if it can. Not that top speed should matter.

posted by  thunderbird1100

It shouldn't, but it does :wink2:

posted by  Vlad

That's about the only thing the car has going for it. and not that much of it anyway.

posted by  TokyoJoe

With my 96 Base Model the fastest I got it was maxed out at 140.

posted by  Metzger

ya, and 220 horses and a no more than 7second 0-60 is just sooo bad

and ive hit 145 in mine, dont no if it maxed out, or if i was to affraid to go any faster, cuz 145 is damn fast

EDIT: i have a 93, so it the 2g might have limiters or something

posted by  ride3k

A FWD 3300lb beast (trust me, I drive one) is not gonna cut it at 220crankhp 205ft/lbs and a 7 sec 0-60. I just meant that as a grand touring car, low end and 0-60 will not impress you. In an AutoX, yeah the car's performance especially in the handling dept. is more than respectable.

I din't mean to just bash the car completely, sorry. :thumbs:

posted by  TokyoJoe

145mph, weere you on a 20 degree downslope that lasted 3 miles?

No way will it get up to 145mph, it doesnt have the power! Plus with the power/weight, even with gears you'd need a billion miles to get to 145mph with only 220hp and 3400-3500lbs. I don't believe that for a second.

Searching around it seems the top speed is around 135mph for the non VR4 models. Some people claim higher, but then again they are blowing smoke probably.

I'd be very suprised if anyone ever got up to 140mph in a base/SL 3000GT...considering how long you'd need to be going. Not that the speedo is very accurate anyways at those speeds. I've seen some speedos be off by 5-10mph around 140-150mph.

The top speed listed for the VR4 is 155mph, I dont see how the FWD model would get anywhere within 15mph of that. The 1g should be quickest because the 2g/3g had less power. I dont see a base/SL going much over 135mph (in the real world, not what a speedo says).


posted by  thunderbird1100

Speedo's usually have an implication of around 10mph at anything over 100mph!

posted by  Cliffy

wut does looking at numbers tell you? nothing about whats rele happening with real world examples. Where i live there is a great long strecth of free way that is wide open and no cops go on, perfect for seeing how fast you can get. At about 7 i went on it with a friend and hit 125, easy, before it even started to curve again. Then around 11 or 12, coming back from downtown, i had to go the same way, and i hit 145, i barely took the chnace to look at my speedo, but i know for certain it read at least 145, and i didnt even have the pedal floored. and 155 on the VR4's is probably b/c of a limiter, not b/c of power or wieght.

Dont argue with what ive done on my own, i dont lie, i dont bluff, so dont ****ing call me out unless you were in the car dipshit

EDIT: please, by god before you post a rebutal website, READ IT

posted by  ride3k

:laughing: I didn't even floor it and hit 145mph, shit I prolly could have hit 155! :laughing:

Numbers tell you alot more than an example of someone bullshitting about their car over an internet forums, dipsh*t.

posted by  Pythias

you dont have to have the pedal floored to hit a top speed man, and i am not bullshiting, get over it

to thunderbird: sorry about coming off like i did in my post, i didnt have the best of nights last night, and it rubbed off, didnt mean to be so bastard like

posted by  ride3k

But then if you did eventually floor the pedal......it would go beyond it's top speed lol :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

The VR4 didnt have a limiter. BTW - those speeds are what this ONE website claims the VR4 and non-turbo cars are "CAPABLE" of...doesnt mean you CAN achieve those speeds on a freeway. I cant seem to find what Mitsubishi claims the top speed is. I dont see the VR4 having too much trouble doing 155mph, probably could get up and over 160mph if you had enough road (at a high speed test track). But I dont see how in the hell anyone is getting the heavy non-turbo 3000GT up to 148mph unless you are going down a steep grade for 3 miles..much less 145mph like you claim. It just doesnt have the power/weight to get that high on a normal interstate road.

I can call out anyone I wish if I smell BS, and 145mph smells like BS in a FWD car weighing 3500+lbs with a person in it and only has 220hp...achieve that speed ON THE STREET even further proves how much this cant be true.

By your method I could claim my stock 2860lb 125hp Accord got up to 150mph...but you werent there, so you cant say anything!

But as far as this goes, I dont really believe anything an internet jerkoff posts about what HE HIT as a top speed. Nothing is as valid as what the manufacturer claims for top speed.

posted by  thunderbird1100

220 Horses may be kinda respectable in the asian import world but power really isnt what people should be looking at ,but instead power to weight or performance times.

I did alot of research on this car but the VR4 instead because I wanted to buy one, and I discovered they weigh almost 4K pounds or right over that. With weight being one of the number one detrimental factors of handling I think this car would handle pretty poorly. In fact there is a guy on this forum who has a modified VR4 and he said it doesnt do to good at the Auto-X because of the weight.

Personally I think a 7 second 0-60 run is slow as mollases. The LT1 F-body I used to drive could pull a 5.6 (according to my G-Tech) and it wasnt near quick enough. After driving a 475 RWHP LS1 camaro, a person realizes what is fast and what is slow. I would never drive anything claiming to be a performance car that couldnt do a 0-60 less than 6 seconds and a 14 sec quarter mile.

Also its FWD. I hate FWD. Its just not a performance oriented platform. I think the only place a FWD car can really shine would be the road course.

posted by  Enthusiast

i have a 91 3000 gtsl,
5 spd,
non turbo
i think mine is registered for 160, however i know it will do all of 145,
was doing that yesterday on interstate 285 in atlanta

posted by  billj926

just another dangerous driver. i wouldnt admit to doing that on a public road EVER.

posted by  glagon1979

You are a fvcking moron.

Not only are you lying through your teeth about a FWD 3000GT top speed, but no WAY would you get past 115-120 in a 3000GT on I-285 (Which is a 55mph Interstate)...it's a VERY curvy 3-5 lane interstate around Atlanta and it's almost always busy. You sir, are an IDIOT.

Shucks someone actually knows about I-285 around Atlanta on here huh?

posted by  thunderbird1100

well i guess you dont know what you think you know, cause if you knew what you thought you knew, then you would know that it is very possible,
there are few drivers that i know, well over 100, daily on 285,
its too easy, the part im traveling, doesnt have any cops over there,
every once in awhile there are gsp,
but thats only 2 days monthly, so if you knew it wasnt possible, you wouldnt be getting all pissy about it,
as far as top speed on my car, if you want dumb as*, ill take pic of odometer, and send to you showing its registered for 160, stupid fu%king moron

posted by  billj926

yep, you wont last long around here. you should just leave now, never sign on agian, and go cry on mommy's shoulder

posted by  glagon1979

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