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Hey guys i was thinking about doing a H22A Vtec Swap into my 94 integra. Does anyone here have any comments or problems that they know of with doing the swap? Or has anyone done one? I was looking to do the swap and either super, turbo, or all engine. What do you think would be the best way to go.

posted by  94teggy

I would stay away from the H22...I am assuming you have an LS Integra...upgrade to a GSR or Type-R motor, or put a VTEC head on your LS bottom end...supposed to be indestructible...my buddy has a 89 CRX with a turbo'd LS/VTEC pushing over 20 psi...his bottom end is completey redone, though. Most of the mounts and other things, PS,AC, etc. will be in the same place in both cars, making everything easier(i.e. no hose extensions etc)

Have you ever REALLY thought about the whole H22 swap thing? All the extra work that would have to be done? Everything doesn't just snap together...I could list them, but it is a long list. There are simple things like the LS radiator won't support the H22, the oil and fuel pressure is much different in both vehicles--need to change your systems, the motor mounts are way off and expensive.....etc...what tranny are you planning on using? I have heard that using the H22 6 speed will put the shifter back about 8 in form where it is now...uncomfortable...

I don't want to discourage you, but you should stick to the B series engines---just make everythig easier. :2cents:

posted by  jmyers0341

yeah, id say the same thing, stay with a B series... do LS vtec... its cheaper, and almost as effective (not quite because of the fact that the h22 are pretty burl, but the ls vtec will get the job done nicely) its easier to do as well.
just one thing to remember though, if you do do it, watch your RPMs, these things like to go boom if you miss a gear a few times

posted by  mazda6man

well if i were you i would actually go with a ZX3001BC Vtec system...it is far superior. :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

Go B18c

posted by  jzxTT

its soooo hard to find one of those.... though, that would be one awsome car with one of them motors

posted by  mazda6man

Here are som epics of my buddies LS/Vtec in his 89 CRX...with a T3/T4 hybrid turbo.

http://www.trenzhost.com/files/jmyers0341/crx2.jpg http://www.trenzhost.com/files/jmyers0341/crx3.jpg

Had to use the links because they are huge and if resized they won't upload right.... :banghead:

posted by  jmyers0341

The links actually work now........sorry about that! :doh:

posted by  jmyers0341

...woah! just about had an accident there... ls vtec turbo is pretty gosh darn crazy if i do say so myself

posted by  mazda6man

h22 in an Integra? Hell no. Unless you have a damn good wad of cash F*CK THAT! You can get quite a few more pony's out of it, but it is a heavier engine. The swap would make your integra quick as hell, but you'd have to replaced EVERYTHING under the hood. I'm not sure about the tranny, but if my stick on my Integra LS was pushed back 6-8 inches I'd have to have someone in the back shift for me LOL. I wouldn't go with an ls/vtec either. Mixing and matching engines never goes too good without it being pretty high maintenence. I'd suggest throwing in a GS-R for more horsepower + Simple engine mods. My integra LS is just being modded right now, she's been taken away for a day or two to get my struts and coilovers and I'm not even thinking about doing engine work yet. Make your car able to handle the speed, make your car able to stop from the speed THEN make the car fast. After I get new brakes I'm looking into getting a Mugen Type-R engine, or a GS-R.

posted by  Integra_LS

im pretty sure has sport or something sells engine mount kits for that swap. its been done before. Goto WWW.honda-tech.com

posted by  Arthur

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