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Ok, so i am looking at a 2001 tiberon. what have you heard? is there any major problems that are common that i need to know about? this is important, i have a montecarlo that i love but it been nothing but trouble!

posted by  monteofdoom

the GTs are decent

posted by  glagon1979

Dont get a hyundai ... i got one last summer n its been giving me nothing but problems. Its custom so its a hot hyundai n i could never give it up but its just prob after problem.

posted by  hotshit

i really dont like how the front of the 01 tiburon looks... umm 03 looks a lot better

posted by  V-Tec

well i don' tknow much about the rd tibs (97-01)i have a 03 gt 6spd and it's great only problem they've had are the clutches are weak as hell!mine went out at 42k so put in a spec stg2 ...for the money there great cars and they handle really good not much power from the factory but they respond to modds very well heres a pic of mine ,lowered on tien springs,i/e/,short shifter blah blah and so on ..

posted by  nolfol

dont forget though that they neglect to tell you that the V6 in the GT is actually a minivan engine so its not really a sporty engine. I read that in . . . car and driver? forbes? I forget. . . Its true though. . .

posted by  Shift4

Hang the Tiburon is a Hyundai Coupe at this side of the pond, lol...I never realised that or didn't pay much attention atleast lol.....I will no longer ignor threads containing these cars as I now know what they are lol..ya learn something new every day....

Hyundai Coupe:

Hyundai Tiburon: iburon-115.jpg

I guess the Coupe's name isn't as erm...adventurous, if a little boring lol. The later models, as pictured, are ALOT nicer than older examples. I'm not sure if the old models were sold over there though, the following pictures are of the fist generation model and its facelift!

First Generation model:

Facelifted First Generation model:

posted by  Cliffy

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont do it hyundais are crap .... you will regret it .... just go with a honda

posted by  lamboluver

I would suggest almost any other car rather than the Tiberon - I bought a 03 GT when they came out and got rid of it about 5 months later, taking a loss of course.:2cents: My problems with the car were mainly gear ratio on the 6sp manual. Also pre-mature clutch wear. I ended up changing the clutch to a hi-perf system. Honestly I think that the dealership sold me a lemon cause I was taking it to the shop just about every other week for something to be check or replaced. :banghead: :cussing: I do not know if they have made leaps and bounds with the tiberon but at the time the only aftermarket performance for it was mainly avail on the 4cyl rather than the 6cyl cause of the aluminum block on the 6cyl would not hold up like the cast-iron block of the 4cyl.

posted by  gwazi

That's interesting, I've heard nothing but good things about the UK spec car, maybe it's US spec thing? lol

posted by  Cliffy

I have several friend with tiburon there nice solid vehicles with semi good performance and enjoyable sporty look and drive feeling.
They are very customizable.
If your new to stick your prety much certain to be hard on a clutch so if you get a stick and you ahvne't had much tiem driving one be ready to dish out the money to repalce it with in a year.
Id also suggest A 99+ cougar for you since its very similar to teh tiburon and has vast more power potential if thats what your looking for.

posted by  Aondor

Hyundai is getting better and better every year that passes. I would definetly consider getting one.

posted by  PontiacFan27

if its the new shape one, ive been told the v6 version is the best

posted by  True_Brit

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