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So after months of browsing, I finally found a car that struck my fancy. A 1996 Honda Prelude Vtec with only 75k miles. I took a look at it today and drove it for a bit (the owner let me and my friend take it for a spin so I was able to push it to make sure that the vtec was coming in right). It drove great. The car is in pretty good condition and has only small cosmetics. Tan Leather interior, car colored a blue/green. Comes with the stock wheels plus a set of nice rims w/ Nitto performance tires on them (new too!).

One detail is that according to him, one of the transmission mounts needs to be redone or something (found out when he took it in for a new clutch). It grinds when going into second unless it is done slowly. According to him, his mechanic gave him a roughly 400 dollar estimate for the fix.

Anyways, I put a deposite on the car, since I still need mine sold. He was asking $6800 and I got him to $6500. Do you all think that this is a good deal, despite the tranny problem? The KBB on the car is much higher, considering that its in pretty good condition. I was thinking that I would ask him to take care of the transmission problem and that I would pay him for the difference, provided it stood in the original estimate.

So ya, be this a good way to go? I've got the car held till next friday, so its pretty much just a matter of selling my car. Anything I should take into consideration beforehand? The car's all stock too. Never driven hard according to him.

posted by  shadowedII

yea, sounds like a great deal.

as for the tranny.... $400 with parts included? sounds about right.... nowadays, just lowering the transmission can cost from $250-$600 (above $400 is a complete rip off).

on FWD cars, it's something that takes a while to do, and can get very messy and is somewhat annoying (unlike RWD cars that barely take any serious work).

posted by  Inygknok

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