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Alright, so one of my friends has a 91 240SX, obviously with a KA24. Now, he has no idea about high performance from forced induction. Over the past few months I have been getting books and stuffing my head full of turbocharging and tuning engines using aftermarket computers, so he told me he wanted a turbo kit. Now I can't find any turbo kits for a KA24 for the first gen. 240, only the 2nd. So I started putting together a custom one. Its gonna run about 3000 for a
T3/T4 compressor, manifold, BOV, wastegate, intercooler, boost controller, and injectors. He said he can make the downpipe and intercooler piping. Now there are tons of turbo kits for the SR20DET in 240s. So I think I'm gonna tell him it will be better to get an SR20DET and build from there. Now my question for you guys is which SR20DETs fit in a '91 240SX. S13,S14, or S15, or all of them hopefully. Thanks

posted by  Accord_Man

My best bet would be the S14 would be a direct fit due to the years, but the S15 (seeing that its the next gen) may have the best performance of them all...correct?

posted by  99integra

S13, S14 or S15, they'll all go in good.

posted by  GreekWarrior

S13 is cheapest, get that one.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yeah true price, hear in australia the s13 sr20 has become an "off the shelf" item, it's one of the most common engine swaps. Cheap to buy, easy to find spare parts and a hell of a lot of modification parts.

posted by  GreekWarrior

It's the same SR20DET. They didn't move the engine mounts anywhere else. It'll fit as long as its a 240SX.

posted by  elchango36

thank you guys, I think I'm gonna try and get this guy to get an S15, because the S13 has 205 hp, and the S15 has 250 hp, i know you can make an S13 have the same easily, but he just wants a swap that will give him the power he wants without doing any modifying right away. Thanks again.

posted by  Accord_Man

Even if he ends up getting the S13 SR20, it will be a huge improvement over the Ka24.:thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

Why spend thousands more on an S15 motor?

You're dealing with an SR20DET here i neither case, you can get the S13 SR20DET up to 250hp with an open exhuast, new intake and chip.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I've been reading up on the sr20's. I'd recommend the s14, it costs less then an s15 and the only difference is the turbo and the tranny.

The s15 tranny was made for 5 gears, but they put in 6 smaller ones. Theyre more prone to breaking. If you got the s15, you'd probably end up wanting a 5speed (which would be a better choice than the 6 speed anyhow). So just go with the s14. Later, get a turbo upgrade and you'll have more power and acceleration than the s15 while paying the same or maybe less than just getting the s15:thumbs: .

Not to mention that the S13 doesnt have the variable valve timing.

Sorry if for some reason you didnt follow that, but its 5:27 in the morning and I'm running on caffeine.

posted by  TurboLag

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