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hey whats up this is my first post in this forum so chill ppl :)

i just got this 95 240SX auto and i am looking to get 450 to 500 if not more rwhp out of it so should i do a ka-t or a sr20 or go big and do a RB25DET swap and i have to do a 5spd swap since right now its a auto has anyone done the rb25 swap so there can give me more info i like to know how much work / money do i need to put in to it.


posted by  shayan

honestly..... could u use commas and periods at least? it would really help u make more sense.

from wat i hear and have read on a few nissan forums, the rb20det swap is pretty simple (compared to others at least).

rb25det.... something about the turbo elbow not fitting and some other fitting issues

sr20det, they say it's a simple swap, but it still takes at least a day or so.

the ka-t...... i have seen a few ppl get good numbers with it, and companies are finally giving some support for turboing these engines, but apparently there are some reliability issues with it. then again, it will cost u more to buy any of the other engines and mod them than doing this one.

posted by  Inygknok

yes i have post in like 4 dif forums trying to find out withs true, i people say that have done the rb25 swap with 9k does that sound like a right price

posted by  shayan

$9,000? Thats ridiculous.

posted by  OombaIsBack

For once :stupid:

posted by  elchango36

is that hight or low ?

posted by  shayan

450 to 500 rwhp?

good luck buddy:laughing:

unless your rich

posted by  nighthawk

okay how hard is it to give me ##### if you dont know how much its going to cost than dont reply but if you do give me a # dont tell me if you rich man or good luck

posted by  shayan

I wouldnt know any numbers,

but I can say its gonna be hard unless youve got a gigantic turbo
and some good skill with tools

posted by  nighthawk

a stock rb engine push ab 250 with a int cool and turbo cat back you be getting 310 but if you upgrade the turbo and chang the lil stuff you should be able to get 500 with no problem there can hold on to 1000 i know all that but how much is going to cost me i dont know so if you dont have any info ab 240SX dont reply thanks

posted by  shayan


1. do you mean turbocharged, intercooled and with cat back exhaust?
2. the only way to go from 310 to 500 would be a ass load more boost,
3. 1000hp is pretty extreme, maybe around 275 rwhp would be better.
4. im no expert on japanese car engines, I know what your doing shouldnt be too hard,

youve got the ideas right, all you need now is good money and probably
someone to do it for you,

like I said earlier, I dont have a clue how much this would all cost,
anywhere from $1500 to $10000 lol

posted by  nighthawk

ppl have done rb25 swap with 9000 the max for 500+ rwhp should be like 1500 or so not more than that i have MZM in austin calling me back tom or so by price i let you guys know how much for a ka-t / sr20 and rb25 swap on a 95 auto 500rwhp+

posted by  shayan

$9,000 is alot for an engine, unless you were including the installation cost?

500 hp is certainly attainable. But you have to make sure that all parts can handle it. For high boost applications, I'd suggest getting forged pistons, rods, and titanium valves. Next, I would bore the block to get more displacement. Deck the heads to get better airflow. Bigger injectors and better fuel pump to get the amount of fuel that you need.

Now you should be ready for some boost. T3/T4 is probably the most popular choice of turbo. Pick the one that suits you best. An intercooler will help alot. Start with low boost, and gradually increase to see how it takes it. I would highly suggest getting Megasquirt so you can tune fuel and spark to perfection.

Theres a guy on a Probe/MX6 forum that I go to that gets 400 whp on 15 psi untuned. So its certainly possible to get 500 on the engine you're talking about.

posted by  OombaIsBack

I found a skyline r33 front clip with the rb25 in it on ebay for like $3400. it has like 66 thousand miles on it, but around here they usually charge about 700 to install a motor, u should be able to find one for cheaper than 9 thousand though

posted by  dsmracersv98

shayan, how old are you?

posted by  What?

ya thanks i want do a ka-t becuse if i try do a rb swap its going to cost me around 9k and 3k for engine but if i do a ka-t i mean i have the engine i can put the 3k in the engine and all that i just need to find the place to do it add in austin TX

posted by  shayan

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